Phone numbers I had a hard time finding

Below is a collection of direct numbers to places I needed to reach to get something done and wasn’t advertised on the website explicitly. If you have any to add to the list, please let me know!

Dept of Pest Control & Billing – to discuss extermination charges that showed up on my tax bill
718-858-2287 or 718-855-2212

Dept of Housing Preservation & Demolition – to discuss an “emergency repair” that appeared on my tax bill (my expediter ended up handling this)

Dept of Power – to schedule water meter readings and get AMR box set up to get readings via satellite

Coned Energy Services – to get electricity meters put into the house – you can find out what your work request number is
718-802-6300 – Brooklyn – main number
718-802-6306 – Pat Riley (district manager of north Brooklyn, he will call you back!)
You can find your borough phone numbers here:
If you know the name of the person you need to reach, their phone numbers and emails are here:

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