And how. No really, how?

A whole lot of fumbling.

Some crying.

Asking people to explain things to you just one more time.

Staying on top of your attorney, their attorney, your mortgage broker, their mortgage broker, your contractor, the appraiser, the HUD inspector, the agent, the agent’s assistant.

Calculating closing costs.

Saving up for a down payment.

More crying.

Sometimes having to do it yourself anyway.

Writing pleading emails.

Writing angry emails.

Calling three different people in one day hoping to get an answer you want to hear.

Finding the perfect doorknob for the front door.

Fantasizing over installing a marble toilet.

Imagining what theme the kitchen is going to be.

Getting the phone call that the short sale has been approved.

Waiting for the closing day to come so it can finally be yours.

3 thoughts on “And how. No really, how?

  1. Hi, I’m an licensed realtor and I enjoyed reading your article in the NY Times. I have a question, why are they not using BX cables for your electric??? From what I see in the photos, the wires they are using aren’t approved in NYC (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and SI). They are however approved in LI.

    • Thanks Denise! You are actually the third person to mention the Romex cables, I appreciate everyone looking out for us!

      I have been doing some research and found that as of the 2011 NYC electrical code, Romex cables (NMC or non-metallic cable) are legal in NYC residential buildings that are 1-2 family homes with less than 3 stories. I haven’t seen any updates as of 2012 on this ruling so if you have something, please let me know.

      It’s Article 334.10 here: in case you were curious.

  2. So glad I came upon this blog this morning. I just moved to the city and am looking to buy a house in the same area and this is inspirational. I’m gonna have to read more, and I’ll definitely have to contact your resources as well. Much much thanks!

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