New Brownstoner Article Up! Extended version below!

The new Brownstoner article about our continuing saga with home renovations is up! You can read it here and see all the pretty pictures:

Extended version, with all my panic attacks detailed extensively, is below:

Oh, our backyard. Having a backyard was pretty much at the top of our list when we were house hunting, partly because outdoor space in NYC seemed just as luxurious as our own washer and dryer, but mostly, for our dog.

Unfortunately, our contractor did not include it in the budget to fix it up at all. So it’s kind of been chillin’ there for a year, a patch of dirt where weeds constantly grow and must be picked, a shed that is pretty much unusable (but because it’s made of brick and concrete, expensive as all get out to actually remove), and cracked concrete everywhere. Oh, and a storm drain that doesn’t always drain, it turns out (yaaaay, being a homeowner is awesommmmme).

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