And the madness continues… To the tune of $2300 in fines…

As soon as one thing ends, another pops up, right?

The good news is the walls are patched up and the electrician holes are virtually undetectable.

The bad news is that the electrician literally said there would be a delay on scheduling the inspection due to the government shutdown.

Yes. Seriously. We finished patching up the walls a week ago, which he insisted needed to happen before he scheduled the inspection (no idea why, especially if he failed again and would have to reopen the walls), and then he tells our contractor that the federal government shutdown is going to delay him scheduling something with the NYC DOB.

Are you kidding me?? I text back. I went to a state park this weekend! Tell him to schedule it now!

 Government shutdown is over, and electrician inspection is still not scheduled.

This guy needs to be shut down, my contrator quips. We text laugh.

The other good news is that the refinance is going through. We are supposed to close on Friday and I just got an email this morning that as of now, I don’t owe anything at closing. Yay.

I get a call from the bank attorney/title company’s office and they said they can do the closing in my house. Double yay.

Then I get a second call from the attorneys office that someone wants to talk to me about the tax situation on the house.

finesThe other bad news is that apparently, there are a ridiculous amount of extermination fines, an emergency repair fine that I paid months ago, and about 6 fines from before we even owned the house that are showing up on this new title report.

Why are all these old fines still showing up on the house? Wasn’t the first title company supposed to find everything and have me pay it off and if they didn’t, isn’t it on them to swallow the mistakes?

We will have to call them and get to the bottom of this.

The woman I spoke to with the current title company has to be the most patient woman I’ve ever spoken to. Somehow, throughout my insane panic attack and flurry of questions and occasional curse words, she talked me through looking up the fines, having me send her the original settlement statement, and then offering to call the original title company herself tomorrow and letting me know what they say.

And why didn’t I get notified by the bank that I had these title issues?? I asked them like once a week if there were any title issues and not a word!

The bank doesn’t usually know what’s going on with the title. Also we usually don’t have someone owing a bill this high. I just didn’t want you to be surprised at closing and don’t want to submit a HUD until we figure this out.

In the midst of several phone calls with her, I also call and email my expediter in complete panic hyperventilation my evening is ruined mode. My expediter, also just about the calmest person in the history of ever, says he remembers us paying off a bunch of fines (me too! I exclaim as flashes of me writing very big checks into the abyss come to me). He is going to talk to the supervisor tomorrow and get them to write a letter about the previous fines from before we owned the place and see what we can do about the numerous extermination fines.

Of which I also realized at some point between all the phone calls that I never received any notices about. And remember meeting with a city exterminator a total of 3 times. And we pay for our own exterminator every month!

My attorney emails me back in the evening and tells me we will figure out what’s going on with the old fines. She will pull the files. Don’t panic. I take a breath. Now the count is three very capable people on the case.

Whatever happens, I’m closing on Friday. Whether or not I have to write a big fat check to do it, well, fingers crossed?

2 thoughts on “And the madness continues… To the tune of $2300 in fines…

  1. I’ve had a little experience with a title report (for a coop building, not a house) and found that a lot of it is CYA – they list absolutely everything whether it is related to your property or not! It’s probably worth you looking at the report – we found things that were for other addresses and other obvious mistakes. For example, if an address is 18 west 19th street, you might have violations show up in the report that are for 19 west 18th street, or 18 east 19th street, or any other possible variation. You may see things that your attorney or others wouldn’t catch, and attorneys cost a fortune so any time you can reduce attorney time is worth it.

    Thanks for continuing to blog and congrats on the refi!

    • Thanks for the tips! I had a lot of back and forth with the title company (the addresses were all correct, unfortunately), and they said even though they fines were in someone else’s name, the delay in paying them could result in a lien on the property, so they have a better-safe-than-sorry approach to making me pay them off before they let the new loan company take on the mortgage.

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