It only took over a month for the electrician to fix his violations

Before we could really start decorating the house, we patiently waited over a month for the electrician to get back to us on when he was going to fix our violations.

First excuse – he didn’t know what they were and he was supposed to be getting a letter in the mail – as was I – that lists all the violations. He didn’t want to start until he got this letter. It could take a while for it to be entered and be sent out. I tell this to my expediter, who, within the week, sends me a link that lists all the violations from the inspection. My contractor goes back to the electrician with the list.

Radio silence.

Second excuse – death in the family. Totally legit. I get that happens. This was about 2 weeks in and my contractor assured us that the house is functional, we just need to fix a few things, so nothing is really urgent.

Third excuse – this is probably over three weeks in as I decide to give extra time for the electrician to catch up. I text my contractor, who tells me the electrician can’t start until he finishes another job where he will get fined $500 per day than the job isn’t done. Great. Total all star. Can’t wait for him to come back to our house and redo a bunch of wiring now.

Another week and a half passes. I get a random text on a Sunday that the electrician is going to drop off materials in the next 10 minutes and his guy will be starting on Monday.

Doorbell rings and the electrician is carrying a bag and a bunch of wire.

I’ll take it, I say, blocking the door. I have people coming over and I’m in the middle of cooking. This is ridiculously short notice and I can’t have him linger.

It’s heavy, he says.

I smile and bite my tongue, gesturing for him to give me the damn cables.

He steps in as I grab the cable from him.

I need to mark where my guy is going to put in the new outlets, he says.

Oh. Okay. I back up as he keeps barreling his way in.

He pulls out a sharpie.

Are you going to mark my walls with a sharpie??

Well do you have a pencil?


We compromised on a ball point pen and I followed him around while he marked where the outlets were supposed to go.

As he was walking out the door, he said, okay, I’ll send my guy on Monday or Tuesday.

Wait, I thought you said he was starting on Monday.

He won’t know what to do on Monday, I have to print the list and give it to him and I won’t be able to do that until Monday.

We have the list, online, the one we sent to you. Can’t we just show it to him?

He won’t understand it.

What do you mean he won’t understand it?

Okay, fine, I’ll send him on Monday. He won’t know what to do but I will just have him start breaking down walls. He says this as he is walking away to his car.

Wait a minute, don’t have someone come break down my walls and not know what he’s doing.

I’ll send him on Monday. He climbs into his car and shuts the door.

Unless he won’t know what he’s doing! I yell.

I call my contractor immediately and relay this conversation. He assures me that he can talk to the electrician who comes on Monday and explain what needs to be done.

And how long will this take?

Probably 3 days.

Okay, fine.

The electrician sends his guy on Monday and of course he doesn’t know where to start. He calls my contractor and then his boss.

He takes 4 days to do everything, but not without cutting all the holes possible in our house:

photo 1 (2) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I send some pictures to our contractor and he says, oh my God that is going to take me forever to patch up.

He’s coming to do it on a weekend because he has another job during the week.

Here’s hoping he never uses this electrician again.

In brighter news (I swear its not all bad!), we’ve finally started enlisting our friends who are crafty and build-y to think about making us some custom stuff for the living room.

One of our friends who is a stage designer by trade is experimenting with us to see how those skills might translate to interior design. She already has a Pinterest set up for us with her ideas!

Another one of our friends does woodwork, among other things, and we had him over for dinner the other night to talk shop. We told him we wanted built in shelves and he responded with, Wouldn’t it be cool if we just found a big tree and made shelves out of that and then fashioned the shelves to look like they were growing into a big tree until there were like branches at the top?

Uh. Yeah.

So there’s that.

Walls will be patched up this weekend. Next step is to decide which art is going in the living room so we can build everything else around it.

And suddenly it feels like there’s a lot less to complain about.

6 thoughts on “It only took over a month for the electrician to fix his violations

    • Omg, so frustrated! I just hope this electrician never gets work again. Is that a horrible thing to wish on someone?

      Also, yes, I will see if I can capture more dog shots in future house pics 🙂 She is definitely the real owner of the house!

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