Didn’t think I’d be saying this so soon, but the steps are (have been) done (for three days now)!

I think we may have found the one reliable contractor in NYC.

Or maybe we are at the beginning of a streak.

It was off to a shaky start. We chose this contractor because he not only had reasonable rates, but because he was the only one who was actually using material that would make our front steps look like they weren’t just re-paved with new concrete. He said he could completely replace the old steps and put in new brick and granite tiles.

The shaky start was our healthy mistrust of contractors thus far coupled with the fact that he showed up almost 1.5 hours late to bring us the contract and collect the deposit. This was about a week ago.

When he finally showed up, we had already sent a series of annoyed we-are-leaving-in-exactly-3-minutes text messages.

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The Before/After Shots

A lot of friends have been coming through the house lately and I’ve found myself pulling up the before pictures a bunch recently just to show them where we started.

We’re not even close to done on the whole furnishing the house part, and believe it or not, we still don’t have gas (getting used to cold showers after that heat wave!), but I think the before/after shots are pretty dramatic so far anyway. Most the pictures are from various blog posts, but for my own sake, I wanted to see the visual transformation all in one place, i.e. to remind myself how crazy we were to start this in the first place!

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We’re done! (and by that I mean the contractors stopped coming every day)

It all happened while I was away in California visiting my family (and my lovely mother sending me back with 140 pounds worth of house stuff – three ├╝ber full bags to check at the airport – yay! (So now we have pretty much a fully stocked kitchen and bathroom situation and then some).)

Radiators got installed. Except one of the radiators was installed crooked and covering an outlet. So that needs to be fixed.

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