Will we ever have hot water?? Also, the tree is gone!

There was something wrong with the plans. Again.

I’m getting used to the cold showers, I guess. We’ve also busted out the toaster oven, started looking up summer crockpot recipes, and making plans to grill a lot of chicken on our George foreman knockoff grill.

Once we got the news last week, we started making our adjustments.

We get word about a week ago from the plumber’s admin person (who has been nothing but right about the plumbing paperwork the entire time), that the plans need to be amended again – this time because the new stove on the second floor was drawn in the plans but not listed in the schedule.

We email the architect immediately, hoping its a simple fix. I get him on the phone with my contractor and my architect insists everything is fine and to go ahead with the inspection. We say okay as we look at each other skeptically. Fingers are mentally crossed.

Gas test happens on Tuesday. Plumber has to self certify because the inspector doesn’t show up. Maybe a good thing? We are now hoping we can sneak by since no inspector needed to take a closer look at the papers.

Then Thursday rolls around and wouldn’t you know it, when the plumber’s admin tries to file the gas authorization request with the chief of plumbing, they reject it.

Not only do we need to list the new stove on the second floor, for some reason, there is only one gas meter listed instead of two!

I forward the email to the architect, this time making it clear we have to fix this ASAP, to coordinate with my expediter (i.e. the only person who actually responds to me with things that make me feel less crazy).

The architect writes back a joke to lighten the mood, implying that we won’t owe him anything, and says he and my expediter are on it.

My expediter writes back telling us not to worry and he will stay on top of the issue because he recognizes this is urgent and wants to make sure we are living safe and sound in our new house as soon as possible (this is why he’s my sanity-keeper).

So far, it’s already been about 3 weeks since we found out we needed to get the gas meters installed. I’m not holding my breath that we will get them this week. It would be nothing short of a miracle. I just don’t want to tell our new tenants that come July 1, they will also be taking cold showers and eating out for a while.

We did get our tree removed this week! The backyard already looks a million times better and the kitchen window, which faces the yard, has twice as much light coming through it. The guys we had take the tree out were super great. First of all, they were the only ones who were willing to even entertain the idea of removing the stump (the other two people we got quotes from didn’t even quote us on stump removal and instead suggested we drill holes in the stump and pour some kind of wood rotting chemical down the holes, yuck).

Two guys came, taped up the floors and walls, toiled away for most of the day, and carried all the debris out of the house and took it away. They were completely professional and friendly the whole time. They also really knew a lot about trees! What more could you ask for? They gave us suggestions on what our next steps should be for the space and warned us about monitoring the area for regrowth. Best money we’ve spent so far. (I added their contact info to this list.)

This morning, I rolled out of Lowes with a (rolling) garbage can full of contractor bags, shovels, gloves, safety goggles, masks, and a hammer so we could finish cleaning out the backyard. We found 17 heroin needles back there (17!). And a broom that first we thought was a pipe and then we thought was a bike pump.

photo 5  broom

For the record, it used to look like this, i.e. hell:
photo 4

We also now have a fridge! Buying groceries and making these sandwiches was the best feeling ever!
photo 3  photo 4

And a non working kitchen sink! (It’s real pretty though)
photo 2

And door knobs! We can actually shut our door and not have the dog sneak through it!
photo 1

And our front door and stairs have been stained!
photo 2  photo 1

We actually have stuff in our kitchen cabinets!
photo 3

It still feels like there’s so much left to do, just for the contractor, and it all has to get done in the next week.

I have to say though, this whole living in a semi construction zone for the last two weeks really makes you appreciate things you always took for granted.



6 thoughts on “Will we ever have hot water?? Also, the tree is gone!

  1. With all you’ve gone through, these last minute screw-ups must be driving you crazy! But everything looks great and you’ll be so happy there! Glad the tree guys worked out – I’ll let the people know who recommended them.

    17 needles – omg!!!

  2. I am trying to figure out from your post–were the roots of the tree growing under the house or in the house or beside the house?

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