Everything but the kitchen sink

Well, we’re moved in. At least into one room. Most of the work should be done by the end of the week, appliances are on their way (our fridge is delayed because he wanted to make sure I didn’t mind the floor model from sears outlet. I don’t), gas inspection is scheduled for Monday, and countertops are in.

What else would be left to go wrong?

So the countertops are beautiful (black sparkly granite), which is the good news. The bad news of the day was that the granite cutter didn’t take into account the roundish edges of the sink we picked out an cut the hole too big.

I called my contractor as soon as I got his email.

What do you mean we have to pick a new sink?

I know, it sucked when I found out, ruined my day.

Yeah, well it ruined our kitchen!

I know I know.

It’s not your fault, I know, it’s the granite cutter’s fault. He made the mistake. So will he re-cut the granite or do we have to pick out a new sink? Because the sink we picked out was inexpensive but awesome. To find something comparable, we might end up picking a $500 sink.

Well, I’m sure the granite cutter would rather pay for a new sink than cut an entire new slab of granite. I called him three times already this morning, waiting to hear back.

Okay, well, we will look for a new sink, but if we don’t find one we like, we might have to have this guy recut the granite.

(I really liked this other sink!)

Without such a strict budget though, we were actually able to find a really nice, granite composite material sink for just about twice what we paid for the other sink, but also waaaay less than a new slab of granite.

In weird way, I think we actually came out on top for this one.

It’s been very weird to be in the house, but confined to one room with all of our stuff. I was actually surprised that all of our stuff, including the bed laying flat, fit in the bedroom in the first place.

We’ve been using the shower upstairs, which has shower doors, so we can take our time finding a cool shower curtain and rod. Also, a cold shower sure does wake you up in the morning! And keeps your showers in under two minutes!

Our grill came yesterday, as and soon as we clear out (what we recently discovered was) the mulberry tree out back, we will spend the first part of the summer grilling until we get gas meters.

We also just got Internet, which I am taking advantage of now. It was a process. The first time the technician came on Sunday, he said he couldn’t get it hooked up because they said he needed access to the building behind our house.

Today, two technicians came and ended up climbing up on the roof of the laundromat with hard hats and told us we were lucky they came today because the other technician from Sunday wasn’t the right one.

Whatever magic they worked, it worked. It only took two trips and three cable guys.

Washer/dryer is supposed to be coming tomorrow, right after an insurance inspection and a tree removal quote. A third person will be coming to help finish painting the inside of the house, says our contractor.

We spent Monday night wandering around Kmart trying to figure out what we absolutely needed to buy (which meant my boyfriend stopping me from thinking we needed to buy everything in the store). Made it out with some good essentials – paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap – and was stopped from buying shower curtains, shower rod, soap dispenser, bath mat, towels, cups, plates – basically things we would regret not getting at bed bath and beyond.

Today, In between all the appointments and text message updates, he also managed to put away most of our clothes in the closet.

This is going to be a ridiculous month. That kitchen sink better be on its way.


10 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. I am reading your blog fro up in the Catskills!
    It reall sounds like you are reaching the end. I hope your sink works out.
    My son lives in Bushwick but not in a great house like yours.

    • Thanks for reading! I love Bushwick – hope your son is having as good a time as I am 🙂 We did end up getting the $300 and it should be on its way. Will definitely post pictures when it’s installed!

  2. Congratulations! It is great that the process of renovations is coming to its end and you will soon have the house to yourself.

    I have one favor to ask, do you mind doing a blog entry on costs? How much you paid for each major stage of the renovation process (permits and architect, demolition, framing, etc)? Such info would be an immense help for those who aspire and are planning to do the same thing you did.

    • Hi Sultan! Looking forward to having the house to ourselves soon, for sure. I will definitely do a blog entry on costs and give you an idea of the breakout our contractor had for us in terms of major costs. Look out for that one soon. That’s a great idea. Thanks for reading!

  3. By the end of this process you just get used to the fact that every task will have an impediment or have to be done and then redone. At least you in! I won’t say congrats until the contractors are out.

    • So true! Yesterday we just found out that the architect might have to file another amendment to get the plumbing through – 2nd floor stove was drawn into the plans but not listed in schedule B. I’m kind of just trying to roll with it. And this whole thing has made me appreciate having a toilet so much more!

  4. someday i want to do an undercover investigation to find out why you ALWAYS have to get 2 separate guys out to get your internet working. the first guy never can do whatever it is that you need, and the second guy (or team in this case) will be able to do it but will assure you it’s complete luck that they happened to get the call this time. it seems like every aspect of your reno has been like this, you have really earned this house!

    • Ha! This is hilarious! We thought it was a little fishy that he said we were “lucky” considering the cable company had on record that the first guy couldn’t do the job, but now I know it’s a total conspiracy! Thanks for making us not feel crazy!

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