Home Stretch! + Why we don’t have hot water in the house yet

My Memorial Day weekend was spent studying for a test (taxation course for my certified financial planner designation, exciting times) and constantly being distracted by the urge to pack boxes and having prospective new roommates stop or Skype by.

We are moving tomorrow and I cannot believe how quickly it snuck up on us.

We bought our washer and dryer over Memorial Day weekend and they’re being delivered next week. I haven’t had a washer and dryer in my house in 10 years! I can’t wait to do so many loads of laundry without quarters.

I hounded my contractor to make sure we has toilets by the time we moved in (the plumber was only two weeks later than he said he would be on stopping by) and we got our toilets in yesterday! It was the only thing that would have prevented us from making the move this weekend. We could eat take out for a week and shower at the gym, but the no toilets thing would have been a deal breaker.

I used it yesterday, it works like a dream!
photo 2

Of course, in the midst of the excitement about the toilet being in, we find out that not only will we not have appliances yet (which we expected), and not only will we not have hot water yet (which we expected on some level, in case the boiler or hot water heater wasn’t hooked up), but we actually don’t have gas meters yet, which means we actually don’t have any idea how long it will take to get a working stove or hot water.

Another classic example of how the entire job has been mismanaged on timing. I asked why we didn’t get the gas inspection ordered a long time ago. The contractor told me we couldn’t order the inspection until the water heater and boiler were in. The plumber was supposed to come in two weeks ago to put those in. Which of course he didn’t even though he said he was going to pretty much every day those two weeks. Not sure why my contractor still works with the guy, because then I end up yelling at him a bunch, but whatever.

Process to get gas meters:

1. get inspection from DOB (which is a total crap shoot in terms of when that’s actually going to happen and the plumber, who has clearly shown he is horrible at getting back to people, didn’t get back to my contractor that he scheduled it yet),
2. wait for authorization (whatever that means, how ever long they decide that’s going to take),
3. schedule appointment for gas meters to get installed (which seems like less of a shitshow than ConEd – I called them this morning and they have appointments available in the next two days and I can just make them over the phone and they are open on Saturdays. Just need to get that inspection completed!).

Our expediter also calls us that day because he talked to the plumber (not even sure how he got his number, or his name!) and let us know the plumber is handling scheduling the inspection and after the inspection is cleared, it should take more than a week to get the authorization.

So if it’s only half as bad as the whole electricity/ConEd process, I will be grateful.

In other news, our front door came in! It’s even more epic looking in person!
photo 3

We asked our contractor to stain it like this:

Second floor kitchen backsplash is also in. Those tiles will be a herringbone pattern on the first floor:
photo 1

And the coolest bathroom sink:
photo 4

We’ve still had random last minute things to pick out, like the front porch light and backyard light. Which I also did while learning about personal exemptions and cost recovery deductions.

But we’ve moved on to also picking out fun stuff, like our new grill, which is coming on Monday, so who needs a stove anyway?

And debating about whether to get this couch anyway even though its gotten mixed reviews (it the coolest fold out couch I’ve seen):

I’m simultaneously daydreaming about decorating and also trying to keep a running list of how many places I need to change my old address.

And we need to find a good tree removal service for the backyard.

And figure out to do with the giant shed in the back.

And buy a garbage can. And broom. And plunger.

And the list keeps growing.

Eeeeee, being a homeowner!


6 thoughts on “Home Stretch! + Why we don’t have hot water in the house yet

  1. congrats on the move! we are also going to move in without a working kitchen. I think these contractors are all the same unless you are paying a million dollars. it’s like deja vu listening to your plumber problems. they just show up whenever they feel like it and do something incorrectly so they have to come back again.

  2. This guy is highly recommended by several people for tree removal:
    Lawrence Schultz 267-241-6858

    Angela forgot to mention that not only are plumbers unreliable, they are outrageously expensive!

    Good luck with the move! Love the diagonal bathroom tiles.

  3. Fabulous – months (maybe weeks away!!). That gas meter is the worst – it reduced me to hysteria, so admire your calm.
    For trees I used almstead tree remover – out of NJ I think – they were great and do all o NYC (saw them in Central Park) ask for Justin –

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