Will we ever have hot water?? Also, the tree is gone!

There was something wrong with the plans. Again.

I’m getting used to the cold showers, I guess. We’ve also busted out the toaster oven, started looking up summer crockpot recipes, and making plans to grill a lot of chicken on our George foreman knockoff grill.

Once we got the news last week, we started making our adjustments.

We get word about a week ago from the plumber’s admin person (who has been nothing but right about the plumbing paperwork the entire time), that the plans need to be amended again – this time because the new stove on the second floor was drawn in the plans but not listed in the schedule.

We email the architect immediately, hoping its a simple fix. I get him on the phone with my contractor and my architect insists everything is fine and to go ahead with the inspection. We say okay as we look at each other skeptically. Fingers are mentally crossed.

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When it rains, it, um, floods

So we’ve now officially been in our house for over a week. Exciting.

Now we have light switch plates and kitchen cabinet handles. Still no refrigerator or stove. AJ Madison, which is based in Brooklyn, is going to take 2 weeks to deliver our appliances (they were ordered last week and we found out they won’t be delivered until the end of next week). Just found out from my contractor that the refrigerator is not in stock so they will wait to deliver everything.

So two stoves won’t really matter anyway because there’s still no gas (gas test was scheduled for today, hopefully authorization for meters will come in the next few).

But definitely a leaky front area of the basement. Currently, we have lined the floor with giant food trays to catch the water from who knows where the hell it’s dripping it just seems like its dripping everywhere.

Turns out we need to redo all of the concrete on the front steps because water is seeping through the cracks. Not sure why a completely cracked, leaky front stoop was not included in our renovation estimate, but there you have it. So that’s next on the where-are-we-going-to-find-$1,000-for-this-repair list.

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Everything but the kitchen sink

Well, we’re moved in. At least into one room. Most of the work should be done by the end of the week, appliances are on their way (our fridge is delayed because he wanted to make sure I didn’t mind the floor model from sears outlet. I don’t), gas inspection is scheduled for Monday, and countertops are in.

What else would be left to go wrong?

So the countertops are beautiful (black sparkly granite), which is the good news. The bad news of the day was that the granite cutter didn’t take into account the roundish edges of the sink we picked out an cut the hole too big.

I called my contractor as soon as I got his email.

What do you mean we have to pick a new sink?

I know, it sucked when I found out, ruined my day.

Yeah, well it ruined our kitchen!

I know I know.

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Home Stretch! + Why we don’t have hot water in the house yet

My Memorial Day weekend was spent studying for a test (taxation course for my certified financial planner designation, exciting times) and constantly being distracted by the urge to pack boxes and having prospective new roommates stop or Skype by.

We are moving tomorrow and I cannot believe how quickly it snuck up on us.

We bought our washer and dryer over Memorial Day weekend and they’re being delivered next week. I haven’t had a washer and dryer in my house in 10 years! I can’t wait to do so many loads of laundry without quarters.

I hounded my contractor to make sure we has toilets by the time we moved in (the plumber was only two weeks later than he said he would be on stopping by) and we got our toilets in yesterday! It was the only thing that would have prevented us from making the move this weekend. We could eat take out for a week and shower at the gym, but the no toilets thing would have been a deal breaker.

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