How our new expediter already saved us thousands of dollars and will probably save us thousands more. Plus, lights!

Yep, he’s pretty much the best ever.

When we first met with him and he pulled up all the violations on the house, only five of the 10 had my name on it. The other five were from previous owners (including one from 2001!) and those were the ones with the big fines.

We asked him what he could do about getting these reduced (like our old expediter did for us when we originally closed on the house for the 24 violations the title company did fine) and he said he would look into it for us.

He came back with really good news – we actually were only responsible for the ones that were in our name (which the old expediter did say but didn’t stand by when the title company told us to clear them) so instead of owing $2,800, we only owed $580.

Already awesome start.

Then I took a shot in the dark and asked him if we might be able to get refunds for the 24 violations we did pay. He said he would see what he could do.

About a week later, he came back to us with a fully drafted, signature-ready letter and an explanation email that said he would most likely be able to get us the refund on the violations we paid. The $2,600 in violations we paid.

Talk about the epitome of under promise over deliver. This guy never committed to anything, and every time came back with better news than the last time. No promises, no platitudes, just results to the best of his ability.

My only regret is that we didn’t start working with him eight months ago. We would probably already be living in the house.

Oh, also, we got our light fixtures!
photo 1  photo 3  photo 3    photo 5  photo 1

And the cabinets! (those aren’t actually going to be blue, that’s just the protective filmy covering) (those are actually going to be green)
photo 5  photo 3

And bathroom vanities! Toilets to come!
photo 2  photo 2

And the shower tiles are fixed!
photo 3  photo 4

The 2nd floor is pretty much done!
photo 1  photo 1

Eeeeek! The crazy part about all this is the actual fun part of the renovations happened in less than a month. After the walls went up, it just kept coming together. Our contractor has been earning his keep this month, for sure.

Soon I’ll have so much less to complain about.


3 thoughts on “How our new expediter already saved us thousands of dollars and will probably save us thousands more. Plus, lights!

  1. Oh it’s really looking nice. It’s so exciting. I love those tiles on the bathroom floor. Iveseen penny tile but this is a little different. Love the light fixtures. Can’t wait for the kitchen to be finished. Looking real, real good.

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