Floors floors floors! And deck!

We have floors! (first shot is the black mamba on the 2nd floor and other shot is the cherry wood laminate (laminate!) in the basement)

photo 1  photo 2

And a deck! Weeeee!

photo 4

photo 5  photo 1

Also, finally have a good shot of the first floor bathroom tiles (they look so shiny):

photo 2

It looks like a real house! Little can you tell that it has no electricity or running water yet. But that’s a whole other story. Actually, I think the water is running because the water department is charging us for not using any of it at all. We just got our adjusted bill and somehow, we lost $100 from our credit for totally not living there yet and not having any fixtures in that would run water. Just called them today and they said that you always get charged a minimum amount just for being connected to the city sewer system. Great. So no matter what happens, they charge you at least $1.19 per day to have your pipes hooked up to their pipes.

We are about 3-4 weeks out from being done, supposedly. I mean we have to be, technically, since our extension for the loan only goes until 6/6. Our contractor says that now that the floors are in, there is not much left. He bought too few entry floor tiles, and they went out of stock literally everywhere, so we won’t be getting those until the end of the month. He took forever to order the front door, so that won’t be here until the end of the month, and he still has to fix those tiles he messed up on, which I’m guessing won’t be ready until the end of the month.

And we are so painfully close right now that every little thing is annoying. Right down to the fact that the contractor didn’t let us pick out our own shower head (which he said came with the tub that we also didn’t get to pick out).

I have to say though, when we walked a few of our friends through the house on Saturday night, everyone’s cell phones illuminating spotlights on the floors and the walls (eggshell finish looks awesome!), it really did feel like it was coming together. All that’s left is kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, backyard fence, bathroom vanities, toilets, boiler and hot water heater, front door, 2nd floor bathroom tiles, 2nd floor shower doors, new awning, appliances, baseboard molding, kitchen sink, re-installation of steam heaters, painting stairs, doorknobs, last 8 entryway tiles, electric meter installation.

You know, not much, really.

Hooray for floors!


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