And then there was paint!

That’s pretty much the update. Well, if we’re going to be completely accurate, this is really just primer, but paint is happening this week. Seriously though, what a different some paint can make:

photo 3  VS.  paintclosets

We asked for our second extension on the loan last week. Now the new deadline is beginning of June. And I think it’s going to be the last new deadline. Fingers crossed.

All the bathroom tiles are up now as well, just didn’t get a chance to catch good looks at them with all the drop cloths up for the paint. But you get it:

photo 2

What I did catch through the see through drop cloth was that the wrong tiles were put up in the second floor bathroom shower. They had put in subways tiles instead of the hex tiles we asked for!

My friend who I was showing the place to was in the middle of exclaiming how cool the house was looking when I let out a series of very loud expletives.

Within seconds, probably while still cursing, I sent my contractor a very angry text and voicemail, both filled with rows of exclamation points. We had it in our Pinterest, we sent an email, how did this happen? I was beyond livid. I checked my email and my phone all day, waiting to hear from him and getting ready to put up a fight.

My contractor wrote back that night. He apologized, admitted his mistake, and said he would fix them.

We had our weekly call with him the next day and he told us his plan, for the mislaid tiles and for the rest of the project.

He would take down the wrong tiles now and then when the tile people came back to lay the kitchen tiles, he would have them put in the right tiles for the bathroom.


Then he proceeded to give us a rough timeline for the rest of it. Paint this week, floors next week, kitchen stuff the following week…

So this could all be done in three weeks? I interrupted.

Well, let’s not say that, he said. It’s going to be done by the extension date I gave the bank, and I don’t want to tell you three weeks and have you be mad when week three rolls around and it’s not done.

Oh, okay.

When we got off the phone, my boyfriend said he appreciated that the contractor was actually honest about the time frame. I had to agree.

In between all the waiting for the stuff to come in, my contractor described how he was going to fix the stairs. He literally used the words, “I am going to make them look fabulous.” He sent us pictures of what he was starting to do today:

He is putting in 1 inch-thick pine instead of the plywood that’s currently there and staining it as dark as possible to match the black mamba floors. Then painting the front part of the stairs white. Continuing on with the black and white theme. He totally came up with this one on his own.

If there was one thing we never had a doubt about with this guy, it was that he loves the heck out of his job and takes a ton of pride in his work.

It almost, *almost* forgives his horrible time management and job management skills.


(Now here’s a bunch of pictures on the progress of the house so far.)

These are the bathroom tile floors and what will soon be the shower wall tiles (except with white grout) on the 2nd floor:
photo 3

These are the entry way tiles, which, I admit I was worried about when I saw them right out of the box, but wow, they look good laid out next to each other with that white grout in between. Also, wow, having to think about grout colors:
photo 1

And here’s just a bunch of shots of white walls that really is just me being self-indulgent. Just wait till we get floors!
photo 4  photo 1  photo 2  photo 5  photo 4  photo 1


5 thoughts on “And then there was paint!

  1. So I just spent the night reading your whole blog, ya know, while watching trainspotting, and your posts have been SUPER informative. I’m renting an apartment in the area but looking to buy a multi unit house. I can’t imagine that I could be as patient as you’ve been through this process, so i’m probably going to be looking at places that are closer to fully renovated. Congrats on getting this far.

    • Thank you for reading the whole blog! (also have been meaning to watch trainspotting for years!) This was quite an unexpected journey we ended up taking. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a full gut renovation, but I did write down the possibility on my list of must-have’s for a house. Not sure if you dug into my old blog (before I started looking with my boyfriend), but I posted a list here of all the things I was looking for in a house (in order of most to least important):, and a lot of the things on the list ended up coming true.

      I would totally do the same during your house hunt, if you haven’t already. While you may be willing to make compromises along the way, you should definitely have an idea of what things you aren’t willing to compromise, so when you find yourself in a moment of weakness (which happened many a time when it felt like we were never going to find anything!), you can go back and remind yourself what you really, really want.

      Good luck and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know!

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