How our new expediter already saved us thousands of dollars and will probably save us thousands more. Plus, lights!

Yep, he’s pretty much the best ever.

When we first met with him and he pulled up all the violations on the house, only five of the 10 had my name on it. The other five were from previous owners (including one from 2001!) and those were the ones with the big fines.

We asked him what he could do about getting these reduced (like our old expediter did for us when we originally closed on the house for the 24 violations the title company did fine) and he said he would look into it for us.

He came back with really good news – we actually were only responsible for the ones that were in our name (which the old expediter did say but didn’t stand by when the title company told us to clear them) so instead of owing $2,800, we only owed $580.

Already awesome start.

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We have electricity! And kitchen cabinets! Mostly!

It’s the small things ūüôā especially after the bureaucratic saga we ended up having with¬†ConEd to get said electricity.

It all started with the electrician who didn’t submit the paperwork until the end of February to get an inspection with ConEd in the first place. Then it was a matter of getting an inspection scheduled. That took a few weeks to get that done. That puts us at maybe the 3rd week of March.

Then the fun begins.

I keep asking our contractor what is going on with getting the electricity going in the house. He has been using a generator every single day to do all the renovations. He has his own incentive to get this going.  At this point, we need to get meters in the house to even open an account and turn on the electricity.

But his electrician is of course unclear. He keeps saying he has to wait until ConEd Energy Services gets back to him and I tell my contractor I will call Energy Services myself.

So I do. I find their number and call them. For the record, they do not pick up the phone 90% of the time. Pro tip: they get in at 7 and leave at 3 so if you call them at 8, someone almost always picks up. By 10 am, it’s over.

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And then there was paint!

That’s pretty much the update. Well, if we’re going to be completely accurate, this is really just primer, but paint is happening this week. Seriously though, what a different some paint can make:

photo 3  VS.  paintclosets

We asked for our second extension on the loan last week. Now the new deadline is beginning of June. And I think it’s going to be the last new deadline. Fingers crossed.

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