Architect is cool, expediter is fired, new expediter is hired, tiles are up in the bathrooms!

Whew! A lot has happened in the last few days.

Let’s start from the top (just like the man on stilts who was spackling our ceiling this weekend).

We decided it was time to email the architect. We couldn’t keep having that bill hang over our heads. So we sent him a short, curt email asking him to justify the bill.

He wrote back and said that the time he spent to get this amendment through was where the high bill came from, but he was a reasonable guy and willing to negotiate and did appreciate the referrals we had sent over (thanks guys!). We realized that because our architect spent his time going down there instead of our expediter, the bill not only came from him, but ended up being much higher. He ended up knocking a good chunk off the bill. We thanked him and asked for him to send an updated invoice.

Which brings me to our expediter. Or should I say our ex-expediter. Our ex-ex who had no idea this amendment was going on until the very end, even though she and the architect supposedly have a close working relationship. I don’t doubt that they do, I just doubt that she gave two shits about our situation, since the way she talked about herself, we must have been too small time for her anyway.

Anytime we complained about her work, she would go on about how she was a big time expediter and how the borough commissioner knew who she was.

We started talking to a friend about the whole thing and it turned out that, coincidence of all coincidences, his day job was expediting! And he loved his job (his words!)! And when we sat down with him last week, we could tell he was actually good at his job!

He took the time to walk us through his entire process and also showed us websites we could go to so we could look up violations ourselves. He also took the liberty of pulling up all of the outstanding violations on our house before he came and showed us the list. About half of them were ones out ex-ex should have cleared back in September, considering one of them was dated as far back as 2001 and a handful were dated before we owned the house.

So we sent the ex-ex an email terminating her services and literally seconds after I hit send, we get a phone call. Seconds.

That’s fine if you want to fire me, she says, but according to the proposal you signed, you still owe me $1,500 for the plans getting approved. I just forgot to bill you for it.

(The plans were approved in October.)

Okay, fine, send us the bill.

And I don’t know what I’ve done to make you not want to work with me. If this is about the plumbing amendment, I didn’t know about that until much later and then I got it through for you.

(Which is why we have a big, fat bill from our architect who actually did most of the legwork, even at the end.)

Okay, just send us the bill, we will pay it.

And you don’t know who I am, just call up the borough commissioner and tell him my name and he will tell you–

Just send us the bill.

And then I hung up on her.

We get the bill the next day with a generic thank-you-for-your-business email (but not before she tried to call again, probably to give us the number of the commissioner, I was smart enough not to pick up this time). We sent a long email back detailing all the ways we had a less than satisfactory time working with her (including how we were so not on her radar that she actually forgot to collect money from us!) and confirming and double confirming that we are not giving her any more money beyond this.

No follow up calls from her on this one.

In other news, spackling is done and paint should be happening this week. Oh yeah, and now we have bathroom and entryway tiles! And closet doors! Hooray!
photo 2  photo 3

I think we are in the home stretch of the home stretch.


8 thoughts on “Architect is cool, expediter is fired, new expediter is hired, tiles are up in the bathrooms!

  1. I’ve been following your blog. We did some very minor renovations (compared to yours) last year when we bought our place and that was stressful enough. It’s fun to watch your home’s transformation and not deal with the all the stress, ha. I feel your pain though and admire your stamina. Keep it up lady. If you get a chance could you send me a quick email…I have a question to ask. Looking forward to more photos.

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