No walls yet

So the plumbing inspection happened on Monday.

We passed. Barely. There were a lot of next-time-make-sure-you-do-this comments but they didn’t make us rip out the insulation of the pipes we weren’t supposed to cover before the inspection (I’m not making you rip these out, the inspector said, this is really expensive stuff, but next time you shouldn’t cover any of the pipes we have to inspect (Which luckily they let the plumber get away with because he installed the pipes himself and is vouching for them.)).

Thumbs up from my contractor. So walls are going up tomorrow right? I ask.

No, but definitely Wednesday. I just have to order all the Sheetrock and get it delivered. My Sheetrock guy is backed up now so it’s going to take a few days.

Okay, how long will it take now?

Friday, Saturday at the latest.

So it went from they will put Sheetrock up in one day to it will take three days.

Okay we will come visit the house on Wednesday.

Which we did and of course, nothing was done.

Apparently Home Depot messed up the delivery schedule it was supposed to get there this morning had a bunch of guys here waiting blah blah blah.

So no walls until tomorrow. And it will be done on Saturday. For sure.

Not sure why the materials weren’t delivered the day before when absolutely nothing was getting done and we all knew there would be a day between the plumbing inspection and when the sheetrock guys were available.

But I keep that between my boyfriend, me, and my blog.

So after the Sheetrock, they spackle on Monday?

Yeah, maybe they’ll even start as they finish sheetrocking each floor.

You should have them do that!

Well, I have to talk to the guy. Spackling happens even faster than sheetrocking and usually it will take two guys one day to do the first layer.

Well, it seems like everything that is supposed to take a day is turning out to take two or three days, so I would have them start spackling as soon as they can.

Like I said, it’s all about availability of the guys. If he can send someone to spackle, he will.

Well then why did he bring this whole thing up in the first place? I think. But I keep that between my boyfriend, me, and my blog.

We tell our contractor we want to file the extension. He says to wait. Which he said two weeks ago.

But there are only two weeks until we told the bank we are supposed to be finished.

Let’s at least wait until after the Sheetrock is up. I won’t have a good idea of how much longer it’s going to take until then. Besides, it doesn’t take long to file the extension and anyway, I’ve filed for extensions even after the due date.

Um, okay.

And as we walk off, I tell my boyfriend I will email our renovation specialist to find out how long it takes to file an extension. We are not waiting until the very last day to get this done.

Yeah, he agrees. The first date was made up anyway, don’t see why it makes much of a difference that the second extension date is made up too. Have him tell them it’s going to take until July for all I care.

Yeah, he may as well just push it out until August (a year from our close date and when renovation projects absolutely have to be completed). Seems like it’s just going to get done when it gets done.

But I keep that between my boyfriend, me, and my blog.

Oh, and my renovation specialist.

At least my contractor was able to pick up the homasote and extra insulation to soundproof the sound booth area in the studio. So that’s pretty cool.

Slowly but surely. Ugh.

insulationstudio   homasote  


10 thoughts on “No walls yet

  1. I keep reading every entry you make and I must tell you I would be out of my mind and absolutely homicidal by now. I tip my hat to your strength and fortitude.

    • Haha, thanks for reading and empathizing with the craziness! I am *this* close to tearing my hair out, but I’m hoping it will be worth it once we can post some after pictures 🙂

  2. Hi Pamela,
    I’m also embarking on a 203K renovation. Closing is next week. I’ve been reading your blog and I’m having anxiety attacks from hearing that your renovation has taken so long:) My contractor is telling me 12 weeks- I know there will be delays but not sure i’m ready for 3x the time estimate. What has been your major source of delays?

    • Hi KV – congrats on closing on a house! That is very exciting in itself! The 203k process is pretty crazy.

      Not sure what the nature of your 203k loan is (full gut renovation vs. less involved), or the location of the home, but I think our major delays stemmed from both the fact that it’s a complete gut renovation and we are doing it in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn DOB is a total mess and everything is constantly backed up. Getting paperwork through is insane (it takes two months just to get a building permit!). We also had to coordinate with getting water and electricity turned on. DEP is great, but Brooklyn ConEd Energy Services (where we had to order our meters) is also a mess – I sometimes call the Queens office because I know they will answer. We also had/have a number of violations that keep popping up that we have to clear. I honestly think we picked the perfect storm of a house – abandoned for years, garbage everywhere, all utilities shut off, target for violations, oh, and it was a short sale.

      The thing that makes me want to tear my hair out though, is the lack of communication with my contractor, architect, and expediter. Everyone just wants to tell us what we want to hear, so instead of giving us reasonable estimates of how long things will take to complete and mitigating our expections, there’s a lot of false promises and tons of excuses when they don’t deliver. Also no one is willing take ownership for not meeting expectations they set. And, my biggest pet peeve, no one gets back to you until they feel like they have news to report. Even if the news doesn’t come until 1-2 weeks later when I’m totally seething because no one has gotten back to me, especially when I was told something was going to be done in 2-3 days.

      I think if you have a good team in place and make sure they are honest about timelines and keep the communication lines open, it will be a much more painless process. Everyone told me when I started that I should expect delays, but I think a huge part of that is because all the people involved give you estimates based on the most perfect of scenarios, when really, that almost never happens.

      Hope this helps!

      • It helps tremendously! I’m also buying in Brooklyn. Although, I’m gut renovating the owner’s duplex (cosmetic on the two rental units), there has been people living there. Which means that it has the required meters etc. And no recorded violations.
        But still I’m little panicked. And on top of everything, the appraisal came back lower than expected so the reno budget has been reduced 15K!

  3. this is the story of my life, we are coming up on our anniversary of purchasing our home in May. Don’t believe 12 weeks!

  4. @KV – it sounds like it’s definitely a smaller job than mine is and less crazy stuff going on. Your contractor may be able to do some finagling on the budget too. Turns out they don’t send you receipts or invoices for everything, the estimate they submitted to the bank is their invoice and they get paid back based on what’s completed by each draw inspection, not what it necessarily cost them. Definitely shady (for instance, my contractor quoted $7k to put siding on the front of the house, but told us we only had a materials budget of $600), but also means we had some wiggle room on certain things, like he had to put all new pipes in the house and he took from the contingency, but also was also dipping into other parts of the budget to pay for them. Bottom line is that he has to finish the job based on the budget he quoted them or he won’t get paid out for all of it.

    @Angela – I know how you feel! We closed on our house in Aug 2012 and it’s getting mighty close to Aug 2013!

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