Just got an $850 bill from our architect for taking over a month to do his job. NBD, he says.

The best/worst parts about this are:

  1. It was actually his mistake that the plumbing fixtures weren’t written in the plans even though he drew them in the plans.
  2. When first told him about this (at the end of February!), he said that nothing needed to be done and I had to phone assault him to talk to my contractor to tell him so, only to find out that we did need to amend the plans once he and my contractor spoke.
  3. He never told me that there was going to even be an extra charge to file the amendment. Which makes sense considering he’s just fixing something wrong with the plans he professionally signed off on.
  4. Then of course it takes over a month to finally get the amendment and get the plumbing inspection scheduled, which, at the time I received the invoice, we hasn’t been able to schedule.
  5. When he asked for my address to mail the invoice, I said oh and asked him how much it would be. He said, I still have to calculate it but don’t worry, it’s no big deal. I guess by no big deal he meant, I charged you $1,000 to do ALL of the plans so I’m going to charge you almost as much to fix the mistake I made on them.

I text my contractor immediately and had to laugh at his response.

Let him wait the same amount of time you have been waiting, he says.

I think I will.

He is also the one to point out that our architect should have put the fixtures in the plans in the first place since he drew them in.

So I am literally putting this bullshit invoice out of my mind until I hear from the guy and then ask him to justify the outrageous fee.


Plumbing inspection is finally scheduled for this coming Monday at 10am. Then hopefully that means we get walls.

Also hired a private exterminator to take care of the rat holes. He is the guy my current landlord uses to spray our house once per month for cockroaches and he took me around the house and showed me all the points of entry the rats had made into the house.

He said he was going to start immediately on powdering the holes and then have my contractor fill it with concrete after a few days of heavy powder.

I want the rats to walk in and out in and out in and out of the holes and spread the powder to their colony when they groom each other, he says.

I told my contractor the exterminator’s method and he said, oh, that sounds cool.

The exterminator came two days in a row, bright and early, and then had my contractor fill the holes with concrete. He kept in text contact or phone contact the entire time with proactive updates.

Pretty much going to use him for anything pest related from now on.

Asked the city to come by and get rid of the bait boxes. They did.

So Monday is the plumbing inspection, walls up on Tuesday, and hopefully everything rolls forward from there. And I just heard that we heard back from Coned’s engineering department and we are just waiting to get an inspection date scheduled. Maybe we will have electricity in two weeks!

Also, our hallway tiles are here! First thing we actually picked out has finally come in. I think they should look good with the door we chose.

hallway tile   door

Very exciting.


7 thoughts on “Just got an $850 bill from our architect for taking over a month to do his job. NBD, he says.

  1. How do home improvement shows get things done so quickly? They must get some favoritism from the inspectors.

    • Oooh, I will look up who his association is, that’s good advice, thanks! I talked to an expediter friend of mine and he said the bill was outrageous, it should only be a few hundred dollars at most.

      We went with darker tiles for the entryway because of all the foot traffic (and we know ourselves and keeping it clean will not be a priority :). I agree with you though, love bright tiles!

  2. If it was his mistake in the first place, why is he charging you? Shouldn’t just be a “sorry, my bad – here fixed it, all better now” type of situation? Kind of an asshat, it seems.

    • Ha, asshat, love it. I’m anticipating a number of excuses as to why it wasn’t the architect’s mistake that this wasn’t in the plans in the first place and how of course there’s an extra charge and it’s a reasonable amount and blah blah blah.

      And I will just be imagining his face as an asshat. Thank you for that.

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