Architect is cool, expediter is fired, new expediter is hired, tiles are up in the bathrooms!

Whew! A lot has happened in the last few days.

Let’s start from the top (just like the man on stilts who was spackling our ceiling this weekend).

We decided it was time to email the architect. We couldn’t keep having that bill hang over our heads. So we sent him a short, curt email asking him to justify the bill.

He wrote back and said that the time he spent to get this amendment through was where the high bill came from, but he was a reasonable guy and willing to negotiate and did appreciate the referrals we had sent over (thanks guys!). We realized that because our architect spent his time going down there instead of our expediter, the bill not only came from him, but ended up being much higher. He ended up knocking a good chunk off the bill. We thanked him and asked for him to send an updated invoice.

Which brings me to our expediter. Or should I say our ex-expediter. Our ex-ex who had no idea this amendment was going on until the very end, even though she and the architect supposedly have a close working relationship. I don’t doubt that they do, I just doubt that she gave two shits about our situation, since the way she talked about herself, we must have been too small time for her anyway.

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We Have Walls! (Finally)

So walls didn’t happen last Thursday, when they were supposed to start. Or Friday, when we found out they hadn’t started on Thursday. I sent an angry text to my contractor, who of course did not say a word to us about the delay, and he said tomorrow tomorrow. Whole crew. He said. They will be done in one day.

So I walked over to the house on Saturday, hoping I wasn’t catching him in another lie. The train station that lets us off right at the house is under construction until August (fun times) so the walk over is usually the same amount of time as waiting for the bus. Or at least less annoying.

As I got closer to the house, I started looking for cars I didn’t recognize on the block but it looked normal. I did hear a generator coming out of the backyard so I knew something was going on.

The door was ajar as I walked up and I could hear someone on the other side. I gave a warning knock and slowly opened the door. A man on a ladder with a drill nodded. I smiled and told him I was the owner.

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No walls yet

So the plumbing inspection happened on Monday.

We passed. Barely. There were a lot of next-time-make-sure-you-do-this comments but they didn’t make us rip out the insulation of the pipes we weren’t supposed to cover before the inspection (I’m not making you rip these out, the inspector said, this is really expensive stuff, but next time you shouldn’t cover any of the pipes we have to inspect (Which luckily they let the plumber get away with because he installed the pipes himself and is vouching for them.)).

Thumbs up from my contractor. So walls are going up tomorrow right? I ask.

No, but definitely Wednesday. I just have to order all the Sheetrock and get it delivered. My Sheetrock guy is backed up now so it’s going to take a few days.

Okay, how long will it take now?

Friday, Saturday at the latest.

So it went from they will put Sheetrock up in one day to it will take three days.

Okay we will come visit the house on Wednesday.

Which we did and of course, nothing was done.

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Just got an $850 bill from our architect for taking over a month to do his job. NBD, he says.

The best/worst parts about this are:

  1. It was actually his mistake that the plumbing fixtures weren’t written in the plans even though he drew them in the plans.
  2. When first told him about this (at the end of February!), he said that nothing needed to be done and I had to phone assault him to talk to my contractor to tell him so, only to find out that we did need to amend the plans once he and my contractor spoke.
  3. He never told me that there was going to even be an extra charge to file the amendment. Which makes sense considering he’s just fixing something wrong with the plans he professionally signed off on.
  4. Then of course it takes over a month to finally get the amendment and get the plumbing inspection scheduled, which, at the time I received the invoice, we hasn’t been able to schedule.
  5. When he asked for my address to mail the invoice, I said oh and asked him how much it would be. He said, I still have to calculate it but don’t worry, it’s no big deal. I guess by no big deal he meant, I charged you $1,000 to do ALL of the plans so I’m going to charge you almost as much to fix the mistake I made on them.

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