My architect pulled through (and probably hates me) + the rats are back in the house

Well, it’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

After calling emailing texting my architect all morning (I actually set an alarm to contact him every hour), I ended up missing his call that the paperwork went through, we can schedule the inspection, and someone needs to grab the papers from him at some point. He explained again that he hasn’t been dodging my calls, he has just been at the dob filing his own jobs since they give preference to speaking with architects over expediters and the last couple of weeks have been crazy.

But it’s done.

The amendment is finally finished.

I think.

The inspection hasn’t been scheduled yet, so I don’t want to jinx myself like I did last time. (Silly me for assuming my expediter would actually complete the entire job all the way through or at least let me know there would be a delay. Don’t know what I was thinking.)

In the midst of all this, my contractor tells me that the rats are back in the house. He found three burrows in the basement floor this morning. We think its because we baited their previous home under the laundromat.

Ugh. Gross.

Double gross.

So I also spent the morning trying to get a hold of the city pest control guy to get some advice. Hoping he calls back. He actually knew what he was doing and seemed to care.

This also means we can’t pour concrete into the basement floors until we are sure the rats are out.

Triple gross.

So instead, our contractor drove out to ikea to see about some kitchen cabinets. We insisted on no-panel cabinets in general to keep the look modern and fresh. There are actually no panels planned to be in the house at all. So when our contractor said he was going to have a harder time finding them because they were usually more expensive (I guess paying for the design as much as the labor?), we went on our own hunt, which of course led us to ikea, ultimate in clean lines and no frills. We immediately fell in love with a bright, glossy yellow-green cabinet:


When we initially sent the pictures to our contractor, he said the doors would be too expensive. Which meant we were really on a tight budget if we couldn’t afford ikea cabinets.

About a week later, he sent us a link to some cabinets that had no panels and actually looked really modern. They were the right look:
2ndfloor kitchen 2ndfloor kitchen black

The only problem was they only came in black or white. At that point though, we were already pretty committed to getting the green cabinets, at least in our heads, so we said we would go down to ikea and find out what the deal was.

Our contractor ended up going instead. What a champ.

We compromised in the end. The second floor would get the cabinets he found – white facades on the top cabinets, black facades on the bottom ones.

We would get the ikea cabinets for our kitchen.

And I just got an email this afternoon from our contractor that the plumber put in a request to schedule the plumbing inspection. We will find out on Monday when (whether) the inspection has actually been scheduled. Fingers crossed that it happens next week.

It will give us some time to get the rats out.


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