So my expediter is pretty much the worst ever. My architect is getting back on my good side though.


She had one thing to do for us. File the plumbing amendment.

And she didn’t do it right.

The week before Passover.

So now it’s a holiday for her and she can’t do anything until next week she tells me.

Even though she said everything would be processed by Friday.

Even though I told her last week that the plumbing amendment needed to be rolled over from doc2 to doc1 last Wednesday. Via voicemail, email, and text.

Even though she knows the plumbing inspection can’t be scheduled until we get this amendment done and the entire project is basically stalled until then.

Even though she spends so much time talking about how she knows what she is doing instead of, oh, I don’t know, actually knowing what she is doing.

The. Worst. Ever.

She knows I’m crazy. We have both acknowledged this fact. She knows that I will get angry at her if she doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do and I find out after the fact, and usually not from her. No wonder my immediate reaction is to yell at her even when she’s done nothing wrong.

I don’t know how far I would have lost it if my architect didn’t pick up his phone.

He told me he just talked to my expediter and he will take care of it tomorrow, Wednesday morning at the latest. He tells me the Brooklyn DOB is really backed up, so now even he is bypassing his expediters and going down to the DOB himself to file stuff, otherwise it won’t get done.

At least I know it’s not just me.

He explained that for some reason, plumbing cannot be inspected unless info is on doc1, and plumbing is the only one that has this requirement. I’m starting to realize that logic at the DOB is pretty much non existent. I’m sure they had a really good reason when they first invented the rule and now everyone just explains it as “for some reason… I don’t really know why.”

Honestly, with all the DOB-expediter-contractor-architect-plumber-electrician-exterminator-etc. people to keep up with, it’s hard to know who the right person to stay on top of it and there is no point person. Unless you count me.

This insulation will just have to wait a little longer to get walls put in front of it, I guess.
photo 1  photo 2

photo 5  photo 4

I am glad we insisted on spray foam insulation to the point where we said we would give up other luxuries to make sure we got this instead of the other kind.

We also finally got a straight answer from our contractor (after much prying and roundabout explaining) that in fact the second floor is not going to be done much sooner than the first floor, because basically the way he’s been describing how the entire job is going to go, nothing on the second floor is actually getting done first. He won’t put up the walls on the second floor until he can put up the walls on all the floors, flooring doesn’t go in until it can go in all the floors, same with the doors, the paint, the bathrooms, the kitchen, all of it.

So when I finally asked him yesterday how much sooner the 2nd floor is going to be done than the 1st floor (because if it’s going to be done a week sooner than the first floor, we would just as soon wait), so I could get an answer once and for all, even though by now the answer was clear, Brian interjected before our contractor could even speak and said, we should just forget about the idea of just moving into the 2nd floor at the rate this is going.

And our contractor agreed.

And when we asked him when he thought everything was going to be done, he said, maybe end of April, and Brian said, so more like mid- to late-May? And our contractor agreed.

So we should plan for a move in date of June 1, Brian said when we got off the phone.

June 1??!!

You heard what he said and you’ve seen how it actually plays out.


But really he’s right.

This week I think my expediter is the worst ever because she was still careless about something I continued to bother her about. Next week, who knows who will do the exact same thing.

At this rate, the entire city will be on my shit list by the time this is over.

(Really though, my expediter is the worst ever.)

(At least for now.)


4 thoughts on “So my expediter is pretty much the worst ever. My architect is getting back on my good side though.

  1. Hey, we are looking to buy a place in Stuyvesant Heights, we are currently in Fort Greene, having trouble finding a broker who actually delivers what he says he will. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. I wish someone had told me in the beginning that everyone in the construction trades tell you what you want to hear. When we said we would move into our 3rd floor rental they all nodded and smiled. There has been no heat or water for 4 months up there. Why didn’t they just tell us no! Luckily we came to our senses and moved into a rental apt but still.

    • There is not one person I have dealt with through this process who hasn’t done that to me, it’s insane! I totally feel your pain – paying two rents and a mortgage is killing us right now!

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