The plumbing amendment saga

So I feel like I’ve been referencing this plumbing amendment thing in the background for weeks now.

It finally came to a head last week.

Since I stopped hearing from my architect, I emailed my expediter and copied everyone on it.

The next day, I get a text from my expediter saying she needs a check for $100 for the dob to file the amendment.

I run out of my office and call her immediately.

Wait a minute. The architect said he submitted the paperwork two weeks ago. Why are you only asking for payment now.

I don’t know what he told you, she said. But I have everything here and will submit it.

But this was supposed to happen two weeks ago. What was he telling me all this time? My voice got more and more agitated.

I don’t know what you were told, but like I said, I have everything and just need the check. You can mail it to the address I texted you.

This has been going on for weeks now, you’re just asking for the money now? Can we meet so you have the check?

If you mail it, it should come tomorrow.

How long will it take once everything is submitted?

Hopefully by the end of next week.


Yeah, we can’t control the dob.

What if the check doesn’t come tomorrow? I’ve had things lost in the mail before. Can you write the check to them and I will send you a check made out to you? I can’t have this check get lost. I talked to him about this two weeks ago and you’re just asking for payment now? He hasn’t been returning my calls or anything anymore.

No, I need the check from you and I can’t submit it without the check.

What if it doesn’t come tomorrow?

Well, I won’t have time to submit it tomorrow anyway. I have to much other stuff to do.

So you’re not even going to submit it tomorrow even if you get the check?


Fine. I can’t believe this. I’ll mail the check today. Please can you make sure to text me as soon as you get it.


I hang up and immediately feel like shit for how I spoke to her.

I text her back an apology. I tell her I know she’s just the messenger and I’m just mad because it feels like I’ve been lied to for the last two weeks.

She says its okay and I say no it’s not. I shouldn’t speak to you like that.

I then notice the address she gave me is one stop away on the 7 train.

Hey, I text, can I just come by and drop off the check today? Your place is really easy for me to get to.

Yeah sure just leave it with the doorman.

Okay great, thanks.

Then I few minutes later I get a barrage of texts from her and my architect.

He said they checked the amendment again today, must have been rejected or lost. And he doesn’t like to report back unless there are results.

She said he didn’t lie and he did submit two weeks ago, now we just have to pay to get the plans approved.

And I’m soooo tempted to call bullshit, but I don’t. If they say the way it works is this stuff sat on someone’s desk for two weeks after it was submitted and just now they are processing it to be approved, even though I was told two weeks ago that it should only take a few days, even though I don’t hear from my expediter at all until the day after I email her that she magically has everything they need to approve it and just needs a check, which I could have sent them weeks ago so they would just have it, even though what the heck was the architect submitting if my expediter now has everything except for a check, I will not call bullshit.

My expediter submits on Monday and it’s in the system by Wednesday. Payment should be processed by Friday.

Holding my breath.

(On the bright side, my contractor has been toiling away at anything else he can do on the house until we can put walls up. Insulation started today! Whoo!)


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