Black Mamba Victory! + my architect has stoppped taking my calls

The day after my boyfriend leaves for tour, we get an email from our contractor that our black mamba flooring that we’ve had picked out for the last three months is sold out.

Won’t be available until the end of April, my contractor writes, and that would be pushing it.

I call my boyfriend while he’s on his way to Nashville.

I’m going to be really pissed if it takes until late April for the flooring to get installed anyway, he says.

I sigh. I know, me too. I’ll look around and send you some ideas.

I had the black mamba page open while I tried to find anything comparable. Where was I going to find black, handscaped, bamboo flooring for under $3/square foot?

Turns out nowhere. I found black bamboo, black handscraped, or very costly black bamboo handscraped that still didn’t look as good as the pictures for black mamba. And didn’t have as good reviews.

I typed black mamba into google and into my search bar for a few hours, going round and round at the same sites, finding the same not-quite-up-to-par floors. I texted my boyfriend that I was trying to separate myself from the need for black mamba.

Yeah, he typed back. We might have to.

Then, randomly, popped up in my URL bar.

Canada had black mamba…

I called the 800 number at the top. Maybe it could ship from Canada?

Hi, I said when the customer service agent came on the phone. Misty was her name.

I was wondering if you shipped from Canada to the US.

Misty paused. Why would you need to do that?

Well, the flooring I had picked out just went out of stock in the US, but I see it’s on the Canada site, and we really want it and have been trying to find it, but the central warehouse is going to be out of stock until the end of April.

What store in Canada did you call?

Well, I didn’t call any store in Canada because I didn’t want to get any long distance charges. I was just wondering if it would be possible to make that shipment.

Well, you would have to pay for shipping. And customs tax.

How much would that be?

Hold on, can you tell me the SKU number of the product?

Sure, of course. I gave it to her.

How many square feet do you need?

I gave her my best estimate.

Give me a few minutes while I look something up.

Okay, thanks.

There’s a store in Maine and a store in Oregon that has the amount in stock you need, Misty said.

Wait, really?

Yeah, if you’re planning to pay for shipping costs anyway, you don’t have to ship from Canada.

Oh my gosh, this is awesome, thank you!

She gave me the numbers for Maine and Oregon stores.

I immediately spoke to Russ in Maine and asked him what it would cost to ship.

He said he would call me back with an estimate as it would be a large shipment.

He came back and said, well, it’s kind of a lot.

I pulled out my calculator. Well, in the grand scheme of things, it only add about 60 cents per square foot, I said.

Well, yeah, that’s true actually.

I’ll take it! Then I asked for a discount. Which he gave me (saying odds were that it would go on sale in the next week or two at that price anyway). And more than made up for the additional cost to ship to NYC.

I gave Russ my contractor’s number and gave my contractor’s Russ’s number. And the rest is history. Well, we’ll see when the floors come in, but last I heard, my contractor put a deposit to get the flooring down here. Wheee!

In other news, this last week I’ve been trying to track down my architect, who said a plumbing amendment would take a few days. This, of course, was two Fridays ago. I have resorted to calling, texting, and emailing him daily and he now doesn’t answer my calls or check voicemails. He told me a week ago that the DOB was backlogged, but at this point, that excuse doesn’t make much sense if this amendment was as simple has he made in sound two weeks ago.

Luckily, my contractor can at least check for us every day online, and has been. He also talked to his plumber and they determined that we can go ahead and get the insulation in there as nothing that needs to be insulated will be in the way of the parts that need to be inspected.

Which hopefully means that walls can start going up in certain places too. And at the very least, this plumbing amendment won’t hold up the project too much. Now to get to the bottom of why the plumbing amendment isn’t already done. I guess it’s now the architect’s turn to get some crazy sent his way.


8 thoughts on “Black Mamba Victory! + my architect has stoppped taking my calls

    • Whew, good catch, my architect hasn’t been returning my calls, thanks! My contractor has actually been awesome throughout the actual renovations part.

  1. I am so glad to see a detailed blog about the whole 203k process. I am now looking for a consultant to start the process. Thank you.

  2. I’m looking into getting the exact same floor (Black Mamba) in my house- since you’ve had them for a while can you tell me how they are before I buy them for my LR and DR? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kelly! We LOVE these floors! It’s always the first thing people comment on when they come into the house because they are so dramatic and striking. They are gorgeous. The hardwood is durable and even though there are parts that are a bit dinged up or scratched, you hardly notice because of how dark they are and the fact that they are hand scraped (we are also not very particular about that kind of stuff in the first place, which is why we picked a dark, hand scraped wood). The only drawback I would say is that you do see everything – dust, flecks, dog hair, etc. – because it’s so dark. We just use a swiffer wet jet once a week as upkeep though and it works like a charm. The floors are super easy to clean. They are definitely black more than anything, you can only see hints of very dark brown when the floors are wet. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi, Pam- this is VERY helpful. Thank you so much! I do love the bold look of these floors and now you’ve made my mind up. On my way to pick them up now. And thanks for the super fast response! I hope your house is doing great!

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