My architect pulled through (and probably hates me) + the rats are back in the house

Well, it’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

After calling emailing texting my architect all morning (I actually set an alarm to contact him every hour), I ended up missing his call that the paperwork went through, we can schedule the inspection, and someone needs to grab the papers from him at some point. He explained again that he hasn’t been dodging my calls, he has just been at the dob filing his own jobs since they give preference to speaking with architects over expediters and the last couple of weeks have been crazy.

But it’s done.

The amendment is finally finished.

I think.

The inspection hasn’t been scheduled yet, so I don’t want to jinx myself like I did last time. (Silly me for assuming my expediter would actually complete the entire job all the way through or at least let me know there would be a delay. Don’t know what I was thinking.)

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So my expediter is pretty much the worst ever. My architect is getting back on my good side though.


She had one thing to do for us. File the plumbing amendment.

And she didn’t do it right.

The week before Passover.

So now it’s a holiday for her and she can’t do anything until next week she tells me.

Even though she said everything would be processed by Friday.

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The plumbing amendment saga

So I feel like I’ve been referencing this plumbing amendment thing in the background for weeks now.

It finally came to a head last week.

Since I stopped hearing from my architect, I emailed my expediter and copied everyone on it.

The next day, I get a text from my expediter saying she needs a check for $100 for the dob to file the amendment.

I run out of my office and call her immediately.

Wait a minute. The architect said he submitted the paperwork two weeks ago. Why are you only asking for payment now.

I don’t know what he told you, she said. But I have everything here and will submit it.

But this was supposed to happen two weeks ago. What was he telling me all this time? My voice got more and more agitated.

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NYC Pest Control to the Rescue! (forreal)

(okay, so there are absolutely no not-gross pictures when you google “pest control,” so here’s a random picture of NYC)

It all started when we got a bunch of charges on our property tax bill for extermination by the city last week.

Wait, didn’t we do that in October and fight the violation for it in January?? Why do we have a charge every single month since December?

I checked on the Dept of Finance’s website, which only had 311 listed as their contact number. 311 was actually super helpful. They asked a bunch of relevant questions and ended up giving me the number for the Dept of Pest Control and Billing.

I called and a guy who mumbled most of the time picked up. I tried to explain my situation calmly and had to keep reminding myself not to get too worked up about the fact that we had a few hundred extra dollars of charges. Not to mention a charge from a different department for some emergency repair of something that never happened (which the pest control dept couldn’t help me with of course and told me to call 311 to get the Dept of Housing Preservation and Demolition).

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Black Mamba Victory! + my architect has stoppped taking my calls

The day after my boyfriend leaves for tour, we get an email from our contractor that our black mamba flooring that we’ve had picked out for the last three months is sold out.

Won’t be available until the end of April, my contractor writes, and that would be pushing it.

I call my boyfriend while he’s on his way to Nashville.

I’m going to be really pissed if it takes until late April for the flooring to get installed anyway, he says.

I sigh. I know, me too. I’ll look around and send you some ideas.

I had the black mamba page open while I tried to find anything comparable. Where was I going to find black, handscaped, bamboo flooring for under $3/square foot?

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Second trip to the courthouse, plus, how our contractor reminded us why we hired him in the first place

After a night of little to no sleep, my boyfriend and I stumbled out of bed to make an 8:30 am court time. This time, we are fighting two tickets, or at least hoping to fight two – one had a court date of 3/1, the other a court date of 3/21. Hoping I can sweet talk my way into letting them hear both today.

The first ticket was about a water meter being blocked so the water meter guy couldn’t read the meter. Which means not only was he an asshole to us in person when he first came by, he was an asshole behind our backs too. And even though we had an estimate read a few weeks after the first time the guy came, we still had to fight the ticket.

The second was about loose debris that some inspector saw at 2:30 am (yes, in the morning, wtf) in our front yard on 1/22, as in the night after a long weekend where we couldn’t get a garbage truck to come clear the weekend debris until the next day.

Somehow, it takes 50 minutes to call my name this time and when I get to the judge’s office, she opens both folders that have each ticket and the first thing she says about the water meter violation is, oh, I’m not ready to hear on this one.

Oh. Okay.

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