Well, we have a bathtub

Pretty much the cheapest, ugliest bathtub ever, because our contractor just had the plumber pick it out of his supply house but at least it’s one less thing we have to pick out?

I don’t want to harp on it because our contractor actually did a lot of things right this week (even though the tub thing is one big irreversible wrong that is going to be the first thing we probably replace when we have money again), so I’m done. It is the first thing in the house that isn’t piping or wires or framing. And that is exciting.

We sent the contractor an email saying that he needed to check with us on all materials he purchases going forward and to send us links of what we needed to pick out.He sent us a long email back explaining about the plumbers supply house thing (I have this image of it being just a giant warehouse full of low grade toilets and bathtubs stacked on top of each other, hoping they get picked to get put in a home), and then – believe it or not – a bunch of links of things we needed to pick out. Plus a bunch of pictures of his before and after work. Plus an explanation that he had to fire his subcontractor for the framing because he decided the framer was doing a shitty job so now the contractor is finishing it himself. Which is a nice call.

It’s funny – and we told the contractor this as well – we never doubted that he was really good at construction and the finished product would look amazing and everything would be level and done right. That is something we always trusted about him.

It’s just the whole getting there part that has really been a pain in the ass. Luckily, I’ve made a promise to myself to add at least a week to his time frames and its helped me sleep better at night. I just have to make sure I don’t add a week to my weeks or the house will never get done.

We went to see the house yesterday and had our call with the contractor while we were there. Another exciting thing – closets! The framing for the closets are done and they are huge! The contractor explained that there was additional piping that needed to be done on the second floor that meant one of the closets wouldn’t have enough space for hangers, so instead he’s going to add shelves inside and have two sets of double doors. Love it.
photo 3

Also, drain for the shower! I know it’s just a drain, but it’s our drain!
photo 1

This week, the plumbing is supposed to get inspected, electricity is supposed to be done, and framing is supposed to be done. Which means next week, insulation and – drumroll please – walls!

The exterior doors came too, but two of them were not the right size, so they are getting reordered. And the fence for the backyard should be getting put in this week as well.

Fingers crossed that this all happens smoothly. We still have the issue of needing to amend the plans to include the new plumbing that has been done, which I told our contractor I would stay on our architect about. I called the architect on Thursday, who said it would take 1-2 days to take care of, and its been two days now, which means I’m going to call him and text him every day until it gets done.


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