Some actual updates on the actual renovations

Well, besides getting two violations in three days (yep, just got another ticket yesterday for garbage being left out on top of the ticket I got about the water on Wednesday), the home renovations have been progressing.

Siding: Done – we can finally check this one off the list. It actually doesn’t look too bad, definitely looks clean and new. Just, well, I kind of hate vinyl siding. But we already have a friend who has agreed to paint something beautiful for us on the front and now he had a huge, blank canvas to have at it. So that’s pretty cool.
photo 1

Windows: Done – Yeah double pane windows! Nothing too fancy, didn’t really have to “pick” anything out for these (they come in standard white), but new windows really do make a difference.
photo 4

Guts! – it turns out they had to replace all the flooring in the back of the house on the second floor so we caught them in mid-uproot. It was a trip and a half to see the raw guts of the house like this. And I can now say that framing is officially done! Another one to cross off the list.
photo 4

And yes, there is still a ton of garbage from the construction site. It’s really quite a construction site:
photo 2photo 1

And just look at all that trash! Turned out a good chunk of it wasn’t even ours though. Our contractor told us that someone had actually taken the time to break into the dumpster one night and throw a bunch of their crap in it. Like those tree branches don’t really make sense because we were only doing inside work. Basically, our construction site is going to be a target for everything until we’re done. Yay.
photo 3

We actually had a neighbor come up to us and introduce herself that day I took this picture (after she politely asked us when the dumpster was going to be moved out of the front of her house). She had been living across the street from the house since 2003 and remembered when the original owner moved in with his family and how excited they were, and then when he moved out and started renting it out to all kinds of unsavory types. Overall, she was happy to see this place get cleaned up.

So now, the electrician and plumber are making their rounds, getting the rough work done so we can put in the (open cell, spray foam!) insulation and close up the walls. Some brick work needs to be fixed up a bit on the second floor. Then walls will be spackled and painted. Then floors, then appliances, toilets, etc.

We may actually be moved in to the top floor by the end of the month. Fingers crossed anyway.


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