Well, we have a bathtub

Pretty much the cheapest, ugliest bathtub ever, because our contractor just had the plumber pick it out of his supply house but at least it’s one less thing we have to pick out?

I don’t want to harp on it because our contractor actually did a lot of things right this week (even though the tub thing is one big irreversible wrong that is going to be the first thing we probably replace when we have money again), so I’m done. It is the first thing in the house that isn’t piping or wires or framing. And that is exciting.

We sent the contractor an email saying that he needed to check with us on all materials he purchases going forward and to send us links of what we needed to pick out.He sent us a long email back explaining about the plumbers supply house thing (I have this image of it being just a giant warehouse full of low grade toilets and bathtubs stacked on top of each other, hoping they get picked to get put in a home), and then – believe it or not – a bunch of links of things we needed to pick out. Plus a bunch of pictures of his before and after work. Plus an explanation that he had to fire his subcontractor for the framing because he decided the framer was doing a shitty job so now the contractor is finishing it himself. Which is a nice call.

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Still in the boring part of the renovations

Plumbing – not done. Electric – not done. Framing – not done even though they started in January. I guess 5-7 days of work stretches to three weeks when you take every other day off. Not sure I’ve ever heard that the plumber was at the house more than two days in a row.

I have to say though, it’s pretty crazy to see the pipes and wires of a house tucked between the studs.
photo 1  photo 2

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Everything’s coming up Milhouse

When we initially closed on the house back in August, we closed with a $4,000 water bill, which our attorney assured us was based on estimated readings and that we would get that money back. Eventually. The seller’s bank somehow paid most of it, but we still had to write a small check for a few hundred dollars anyway, as the estimates kept rolling through, even after the last reading.

In November, we got a bill for almost $600, which we were also assured by the Department of Environmental Protection, that we would get back after the official reading happened. The bills came every three months, the DEP guy said, so hopefully we would get a reading in before then.

February rolls around and we get another bill for almost $300. Which made no sense to us because we had someone come by twice and get a reading on the whole thing. We even got a violation for it the first time when the guy complained that there was too much trash in the house and it was maybe covering the water meter. So it happened.

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Slowly but surely more progress on the house

So it turns out my contractor and I have been misunderstanding each other this whole time.

We thought we were supposed to get in there by the end of February. So did he.

But when I thought get in there by February, I meant that at least one room would be completely finished, including floors and paint, so we could move all of our stuff in and know that construction workers wouldn’t have to go back in there to finish anything else up.

He meant that the electricity would be up and running so we could plug in a space heater. Maybe there would be walls too, if we were lucky.

And would we have to move our stuff around for the construction workers to work?

Well, yeah. Of course.

So this whole time I’ve been trying to push for walls to go up by the 3rd week of February and floors to go in by the last week of February so we could move in by the first week of March, and I found out on last week’s call that “there’s no way that’s going to happen.”

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Some actual updates on the actual renovations

Well, besides getting two violations in three days (yep, just got another ticket yesterday for garbage being left out on top of the ticket I got about the water on Wednesday), the home renovations have been progressing.

Siding: Done – we can finally check this one off the list. It actually doesn’t look too bad, definitely looks clean and new. Just, well, I kind of hate vinyl siding. But we already have a friend who has agreed to paint something beautiful for us on the front and now he had a huge, blank canvas to have at it. So that’s pretty cool.
photo 1

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