Same !@#$, Different Door

Last week our contractor told us we had to pick a new door because the door he initially picked out was too big for the size of the entry way. 36 inches instead of 32 inches. Luckily (though annoyingly), he also said he didn’t want to put such a nice door in while so much construction traffic was going on so there was time to pick something. He said he would try to find something comparable.

Yesterday, he sent us a super ugly door that was only comparable in that the window was in the same place. He asked us about it and we said we would find one and send it to him.

It could take a few weeks to order a new one though, just warning you.

I took a breath. But that’s okay right because you’re putting it in later.

Yeah it should be fine.

It was the middle of our call by then and the first part consisted of us having to explain to him that the reason the HUD inspector was coming by on Thursday was not so he could get his first chunk of money back, but also so the inspector could sign off on our extension form.

Oh yeah yeah okay yeah, he said. I can also do a quick timeline for them, since they’re going to ask.

Oh, you mean the same timeline you told us on Sunday was going to be bullshit, I would have said outloud if my boyfriend didn’t mouth, don’t say it! next to me.

Then he kept saying he couldn’t really move on until he had money from the first draw. Which is not our problem.

At some point he said, I know you’re pissed and you’re trying to keep your cool. I’m angry too.

And then I didn’t open my mouth for the rest of the call.

We hung up after more hemming and hawing (no updates on insulation yet, electrician is still researching whether or not we need a third electric box, doors aren’t going to go in this week because he’s not just going to come out for one day to put in some doors, etc).

Then he called me back to keep explaining to me that he just doesn’t have the money yet to keep moving on with our project!

Well you have money problems over here, we have money problems on the other end, I said. We are paying two rents and a mortgage right now!

I know I know believe me it’s better for all of us the faster this project is done.


Then more talk about how he doesn’t have the money to move on from our project.

And that we need two new boilers for the house and two will only cost a little more than one boiler because either way, we will have to buy something big enough to heat the entire house.

Okay, that makes sense.

Then I tell him thank you for calling back so I can get him off the phone.

He comes by the house with the inspector yesterday and guess what? He brings the draw form for his money but forgets to bring the extension form, which is the main fucking reason that I scheduled this inspection!!!!

So no extension form signed, oh, and the siding that was supposed to be done the day before, well it wasn’t done.

Turns out even our contractor didn’t know about that one. Apparently he looked surprised to see it wasn’t done. Guess he won’t get his money for that part of the project. Way to manage your subcontractors, buddy.


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