They finally started the siding! Here are some pictures!

I had almost resigned myself to thinking it was never going to start. Our contractor told us the siding guy was coming today, on a Saturday, to start the siding. The picture above is what was under the siding and you can see they started putting on the new siding towards the bottom of the house. Vinyl siding instead of aluminum. Either way, it’s going to get painted over by one of our friends at some point so no matter.

Doors are going in next week and windows are going in the week after. Electrician and plumber visited this week and we should be getting an update from our contractor tomorrow on what’s next.

Here’s a more straightforward view of what it looks like. It kind of looks exactly the same, which is what we expected when you only budget for the cheapest siding available.

photo 3

At least it looks very close to the siding on the side of the house, which is not being replaced, just painted over, with much better looking graffiti that our friends can do. If you want a patch of side wall, let us know! Also, if you look very closely in the middle, the chimney has been repaired and the DOB hopefully will hate us a little less! Hooray!

photo 1

This is just a close up of the siding. Still technically boring, but very exciting that it’s the first thing getting renovated on the house. Let’s hope we don’t lose any momentum. And just in case you were wondering, the basement door has been boarded up. The rat poison sign is still hanging strong though. I’d say it adds to the charm of the place.



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