So the squatter didn’t actually leave

I mean, no big surprise. It’s cold as fuck and we didn’t call the cops on him yet.

We went by the house on new years day and actually got a good look at what was in there. Not only was there a mattress, but also a stack of National Geographics paperweighted by the Bible, a bag of groceries, and a stack of blankets and pillows hidden behind an egg crate mattress topper.

This guy is into his comfort.

So this afternoon, my boyfriend walked by again to see if he could catch the guy. Instead, he left a note with the name and location of a local shelter (we called to see if they had room and they said, well, they have room tonight), and a warning that we were going to call the cops and clear all of his stuff out.

Then tonight, we tried to call the cops (79th precinct!) and they said we had to:

1. Call 911.

2. Be at the location.

3. Have a copy of the deed to prove that we are the owners of the house.

Oh, also today, my architect left me a very urgent message to call him back. Apparently, he was at the Department of Buildings and the inspector asked him what was up with the chimney on our house and why hadn’t any work been done and why isn’t the permit posted somewhere on the house.

Oh yeah, and last week, I got a notice in the mail that I have to to court and fight a violation on the house in two weeks. They found some holes in the ground near the house that looked like mouse holes. Great.

Oh also today, the siding guy couldn’t start because it was too cold.

Yeah, happy new year.


3 thoughts on “So the squatter didn’t actually leave

  1. you made me feel bad for the homeless man, not you. Calling the cops to potentially arrest the man was wrong. Gladly he wasnt there, shame on you.

    • I totally agree with you Jess! We felt really, really bad for the homeless man, I’m really glad that came across in the blog. It’s why we tried to give him a couple of days and a couple of chances to leave on his own before we called the cops.

      But when we really sat down and thought about it, he was 1. trespassing, 2. potentially dangerous, and 3. it was our house and we had to protect and take care of it. If we had let him stay any longer, or tried to kick him out ourselves, well, we really didn’t want to go down that road and try to deal with the unforeseen consequences that might come with trying to handle this ourselves.

      Calling the cops was absolutely a last resort and we wished it didn’t come to that either, but again, we didn’t know the actual mental state of this man, or what his circumstances actually were and what he might be willing to do to us or the house given those circumstances. I was glad the cops came and I was glad the squatter left without incident. It could have gone down very differently, and we feel very lucky for how it played out.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Okay I understand. I came across your blog looking to renovate a property in Brooklyn myself. The prices for a decent renovated home in Brooklyn is way out of my budget so my only hope is a potential renovation. Keep us updated and Good luck! The road is never easy but I’m sure it will be worth it.

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