When it’s been two months and all we’ve done is demolish the place

Yes, friends, we have been paying a mortgage since October and so far, all we have to show for it is a house with no walls.

I have been diligently texting my contractor twice per day (he mostly doesn’t bother answering the second text) and two weeks later, we’ve picked out a door, and the siding style (beveled not rounded, whatever that means – its still cheap vinyl siding), and nothing else has happened.

Besides of course a flurry of emails and phone calls and texts that still don’t leave us with a clear timeline on when this whole thing is going to get done.

I just found out this morning that the siding guy is delayed (again again) because of the rain. Fine.

You can bet your ass our contractor got a call from me at 7:30 when I found out (after I texted him at 7:28 to find out). And a weird thing happened. I was still frustrated as hell, but for the first time, I could tell he was too.

He actually said, there have been all these delays and it has been killing me.

Me too, I said, quietly.

(I had pretty much been yelling previously.)

He said someone is going to the house today to take a look at what needs to be done interior-wise and he would get the electrician and plumber in there next week (I’m still holding my breath), and the siding guy is starting on Sunday, or Monday at the latest. He is ordering the doors and they should be in next week and windows will be in on the 9th.

Which still fucking sucks.

But for some reason, I feel a little better that he kind of thinks so too.

He said he was getting on the bridge and had to call me back in half an hour. I said we could just talk on Sunday at our standing call time.

He is definitely not off the hook.


2 thoughts on “When it’s been two months and all we’ve done is demolish the place

  1. Good Luck to you!… I was trying to get approved for a 203k Loan recently, but the understand the process is a little complex… and only 2 FHA approved contractors in brooklyn. Do you need to have an FHA approved contractor to do the renovations or can you get anyone? Just curious…

    • Thanks for the well wishes!

      In terms of getting a contractor for a 203k loan, the contractor just has to be approved by the bank (the bank will check licenses, any complaints, and contractor’s bank statements). Contractors don’t need to be FHA approved, but many contractors won’t touch FHA jobs because they have to pay from their own funds up front (that’s why they get their bank statements checked to make sure they have to money to cover the job). They get paid out as the work gets done and there is actually a 10% hold back on the entire payout until the entire job is complete. It’s a bit of a longer process but I like the checks and balances.

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