Ugly siding, and other budget constraints

So, after spending all this time picking out siding and agonizing over it (we decided to take the plunge and go with the rusty red diamond faux metal) we found out that the “square” in $60/square (our budget for siding, and right around where the rusty red was priced, we thought) meant 100 square feet. Rusty red was priced at $63/square and they meant square as in 2×4 as in 8 square feet as in far and away out of our price range.

So we emailed our contractor back and told him to get whatever he was going to get anyway.

We also sent him these doors because all the other doors we saw and like we’re 3x our budget. I can’t tell if we have expensive taste or our contractor was just super cheap:

Yep, literally just a slab of wood. Not even keyholes.

And said we wanted all the doors to be this door, the plan being to commission all out lovely, artistically included friends to do cool shit with it. So let us know if you want a door! We have 6 up for grabs!

We also went with the matte brass doorknobs for the entry doors. At least one decision we didnt have to compromise on, mostly because we didn’t care that much.

So far, our contractor has been taking a week to get back to us instead of a few days and I have to send him multiple emails to get a response. Hurricane set backs I understand, but at least send an email! Especially because the current email ratio is 4:1 with me sending 4 of them and getting one email that doesn’t answer all of them. Now let’s all take a deep breath and remember I’m crazy.

Seriously though. Email me! You know i’m crazy!

I also asked our contractor, multiple times and have not gotten an answer yet, on what the next big items we need to pick out are and what our budget is for them. This way, we don’t take five days to send him something only to find out that 1. It’s the only thing delaying him from moving forward, and 2. We ended up having to go with the cheap version anyway. Don’t want to run into that issue again without being totally okay that we are committing to the cheap version.

Oh, also, during the demolition, they found out the brick in one of the walls is crumbling. Check it out:

I’m only calm about it now because it looks worse than it is. We had the architect come by and tell us it wasn’t a big deal. Just replace the brick and the wood, put the brick glue in between. Also, we have brick in our house??? Hmm, exposed brick options perhaps??

Probably not in our budget.


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