We got the building permit!!

Turns out this professional certification thing is no joke. I saw the plans and signed the papers on Tuesday, my expediter got the plans approved on Thursday, and we got the permit issued on Friday.

Demolition is going to start this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

I met my expediter in Long Island City on Tuesday and we signed the paperwork in the car. She showed me the plans and they were light years ahead of the first set of plans. These plans even included where new closets were supposed to go. And the washer dryer.

Are you happy with them?

Yes, they’re amazing!

Like night and day, right?

Totally, they have everything we want.

So they’re done, and you won’t have to yell at me again for a while.

Yeah, next I’ll start yelling at the contractor. I laughed.

Oh, I thought you were just like that with me. She laughed.

No, I’m crazy, especially about this.

She laughed some more. No, I get it. It’s your house, you want everything to be perfect.

She said to give her until the end of the week to submit the plans and get the permit.

Okay, I said. Just keep me posted.

Which of course meant that I texted her every day to find out whether or not anything had been filed and permitted.

I texted her a final time on Friday to find out the status of the permit and I got a link to the permit on the DOB website. And that was it. I told her she wouldn’t be hearing again from me for a while (smiley face).

Today, I got on the phone with my boyfriend and our contractor and we discussed next steps – demolition, plumbing and electrical work, getting all the outside stuff done before the winter hit, and then getting to the innards as fast as possible.

First thing he said we needed to pick out was a door and the color of the locks and doorknobs.

Do we also need to pick out siding?

Why siding? he said. Since we’re not doing the side of the house, we’re just going to match it up as closely as possible.

Actually, I said, since we are going to have friends paint murals on the side of the house, we wanted to pick out a different facade all together.

Uh, okay. Sure. I’ll send you some places to look.

Then he said we needed to start thinking about color schemes, flooring, tiles, etc. and he will start ordering things so we will have it all ready. Don’t worry about pricing, he said, just worry about the look you want it to have and we can figure it out from there.

Awesome, we can do that.



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