So even a letter from the department of health can’t get my contractor to clean out our house

That’s right, we got another letter from another NYC government department. This time, the department of health and mental hygiene wanted to let us know we had 5 days to get rid of the rats and clean out the house or they would do it for us and put a lien on our house to pay for it.

I guess I should be used to this by now.

(Also, what the eff is mental hygiene and why is there a department for it??)

Let’s start with the fact that 1. architect drawings still have not been submitted to the DOB, 2. I asked my expediter why it took so long to get said drawings and she said that honestly it shouldn’t have taken this long and this was the first time she worked with this architect (great), 3. I told my expediter we have a deadline to complete the renovations so we’re pretty worried about getting this permit in ASAP (I wish I knew that, she said. Why, would it have made a difference? I (luckily) didn’t say (but really wanted to)).

So hopefully she’s meeting me tomorrow with the paperwork to sign. I sent her the aforementioned letter and said maybe she can use it as leverage to push the permit through, along with the chimney letter and the whole renovation loan deadline. Everyone else in NYC wants us to fix up this house ASAP.

I also sent the letter to my contractor in hopes that it would light a fire under his whatever as I’ve literally emailed him every single day for the last week asking him when is is going to clean out our house so we don’t have a spend another $100 having an exterminator come by for five seconds to tell us he doesn’t see any rats.

Turns out he has another job that’s going to pay him faster so he needs to take care of that one first. Surprise. Now we know why he hasn’t gotten back to us all week despite my incessant nagging.

I ask him, aren’t we on a deadline and didn’t you say you needed 3 months to complete the project? He says, the deadline can be extended and I said I needed 5 months to complete the project.


This is great.

Also, no one has any straight forward answers about who is getting paid what and who is supposed to pay out who. I’m supposed to get $1500 back from the HUD consultant you say? Wait, but the HUD consultant says I get it from the bank. And the bank, who told me to get it from the HUD consultant, who knows what they will come back with?

Basically no one has straight forward answers about anything. Hell is a 203k loan.

On the bright side, when we did pay $100 to have some dude walk through the house casually and announce there were no dead rats, we did meet a guy who helps take care of the block. He sweeps in front of the neighbors’ houses, including ours, and cleans up the garbage on the sidewalk, and all that good stuff. He asked if we were trying to sell the house and we said, no, we bought it.

He also told us the laundromat we thought shut down next to us is just closed for repairs – fire on the roof from a curling iron or something equally ridiculous. Ah well. There go our dreams of some random, less 24-hours-type thing opening up instead. They did just buy new machines. I guess they’ll be around for a while.

So in conclusion, NYC wants to renovate our house for us but no one else does. Maybe we should just let them have at it.


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