Demolition Tomorrow!! And door shopping this weekend!!

I guess that’s pretty much it. They are tearing out the innards of the house tomorrow. My boyfriend called me at 5 pm yesterday and said a couple of guys are coming by to look at the place. They said it will take a few days and then that’s that.

We are going door shopping this weekend. I’ve been shopping for cool door knobs on Etsy.

Then meeting a friend in a few weeks to see if he can build doors for us for the same price or less. Now that would be fly.

I think we might end up being our own biggest delays from here on out 🙂

Also just paid month 2 of mortgage. Hooray for spending large amounts of money in a place we are about to tear down! What a crazy feeling. Really.

We got the building permit!!

Turns out this professional certification thing is no joke. I saw the plans and signed the papers on Tuesday, my expediter got the plans approved on Thursday, and we got the permit issued on Friday.

Demolition is going to start this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

I met my expediter in Long Island City on Tuesday and we signed the paperwork in the car. She showed me the plans and they were light years ahead of the first set of plans. These plans even included where new closets were supposed to go. And the washer dryer.

Are you happy with them?

Yes, they’re amazing!

Like night and day, right?

Totally, they have everything we want.

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Signing paperwork in an MRI waiting room

It had since been week 5 from when we originally engaged the architect. After a series of emails where he totally didn’t get that the house needed to be renovated by February 8 (you’ll definitely get the permit long before February I promise. No, but the project needs to be done by February. Dont worry, you’ll have the permit before then. No, we need the permits by November so the whole house can be built by February! Ooohhh, okay, well that’s the reason I draw the plans quick and fast because they always get rejected the first time. (He’s lucky I didn’t further comment on his actual pace for getting the drawings to us.)), he finally gets the paperwork back from his supervising architect and three days later, gets them to my expediter.

I call her. When can we meet?

Well, I’m in Long Island City but I will be in the city around 6:30. Upper east side.

Great, I can meet you!

Okay, it’s an MRI office, I’m just getting my shoulder scanned so we can sign the paperwork there.

(um) Okay. Cool. I’ll see you then.

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So even a letter from the department of health can’t get my contractor to clean out our house

That’s right, we got another letter from another NYC government department. This time, the department of health and mental hygiene wanted to let us know we had 5 days to get rid of the rats and clean out the house or they would do it for us and put a lien on our house to pay for it.

I guess I should be used to this by now.

(Also, what the eff is mental hygiene and why is there a department for it??)

Let’s start with the fact that 1. architect drawings still have not been submitted to the DOB, 2. I asked my expediter why it took so long to get said drawings and she said that honestly it shouldn’t have taken this long and this was the first time she worked with this architect (great), 3. I told my expediter we have a deadline to complete the renovations so we’re pretty worried about getting this permit in ASAP (I wish I knew that, she said. Why, would it have made a difference? I (luckily) didn’t say (but really wanted to)).

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