The Before Pictures

I can’t believe I haven’t posted any yet, so to make up for it, I’m going to post a bunch. Also, everything is taking FOREVER to get done so we’re trying to not let the magic of owning a house die down too much while we’re trying to get the architect to send us his drawings that he already sent to the head architect to approve without showing us first because it doesn’t really matter what we turn in the first time because they always reject it the first time anyway (whaattt??).

Aaaannyway, the following pictures are the house we just bought/took out a mortgage for/have $140k in renovations to get through. Just to warn you ahead of time though (and any young viewers you have with you), it is NOT pretty.



Yep, the siding is definitely coming off, but hey, who needs siding when you have DirecTV? One of the items we absolutely have budgeted is to change all the front siding with anything else. Fake brick has been mentioned and nowadays, fake brick doesn’t actually look that fake. I’m sure the front/outside is going to be one of the last things we do, but when it’s done, we know it’s all done.

The picture next to it is a close up of the basement entrance. Right now, the entrance filled with rubble so squatters don’t try to break in. Yeaaaaaah, fun times.



So it looks like it will probably get a lot of light once the windows aren’t boarded up, right? And just imagine when that putrid pink carpet is replaced with hand scraped wood floors and the walls covered in cool art instead of piss stains.

The picture next to it is the back of the living room with a door leading to the kitchen (and a very fuzzy seller’s agent in the doorway). We are planning to knock that wall down as well as the wall dividing the dining room and kitchen and have an open floorplan-type situation so you can be in the kitchen and be entertaining guests in the living room all at the same time.



So this is where the fun begins. The first picture is the entrance from the dining room to the kitchen. Looks like we don’t have to worry about buying a kitchen table, as long as we can find the legs somewhere.

Second picture is the seller’s agent trying to hold his breath through the smell that permeates throughout the house, while trying to explain all the potential this place has. Again, looks like a lot of light might be coming through, at least according to the hole bored into the plywood covering the window.

The third picture, well, you get it.



Now this, as my boyfriend would say, is not game. Let me just say I have spared you from 2-3 other pictures that show you what the other side of the basement looks like. This is where we plan to put our bedroom, an office for me, and an office/studio for him. Yes, his and her offices. And a laundry room next to the boiler. As soon as we get all this trash and baby carriages out (again, whaaatt??).



This is what really sold me on the house. The stairs are the stairs that lead up to a second unit, as in, one we can rent out to a lovely young couple so they can help us pay the mortgage (we’re looking, by the way, so let us know if you’re interested).

The second picture is the giant bedroom/possibly living room depending on how someone breaks it up. Proof that the house gets lots of light, hooray!

The third picture is where the kitchen/dining area would be (70’s tiles – kitchen, wood floors – dining area). Look at how little trash was on this floor!



First thing that’s going to go is the shed. Last we checked, it was falling apart and kind of a useless size for anything worth keeping in there. Now, imagine all the trash cleared out, a garden in the back half, a barbecue deck in the front half, and a white PVC fence instead of chain link (fence, of course, to be covered with murals as an extension of the unattached sidewall that we are planning to turn into a rotating mural wall).


All this is supposed to go from trashed to home by February 8th, 2013, according to the stipulations of our loan. My architect said, and I quote: “Believe me, this project will go nowhere near February.”

We are trying to get our contractor to get some people and a dumpster in to at least clear the trash out so we can see straight in there (and not worry about stepping on any heroin needles). And we have to have the exterminator come through soon to pick up the dead rat bodies. Yeesh.

Fingers crossed guys!


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