The Exterminator

This was a busy week in renovating. None of the renovation parts have actually started, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

On Wednesday, we had an asbestos inspector come in and take samples from our walls (8 of them) to see if we have asbestos. Apparently he took a hammer to the walls to get the samples, which, for anyone who just went and googled “asbestos” because they were not around for the big asbestos scare in the 80’s, is a big no-no if we did have asbestos because it’s when the walls are broken up and the filaments get in the air that asbestos is a danger to your health.

Um, fingers crossed.

On Friday, we had an exterminator come out to set traps for the rats. He was, as my boyfriend recounts, very Russian. My boyfriend almost lost it when they started talking about squirrels:

Russian Exterminator: So you know, we can eexterminate enythingg, rats, tearrmites, cockroaches, squeirrels.

Boyfriend: Squirrels?

RE: Yis, squeirrels.

BF: What kind of squirrels?

RE: Oh, all kinds of squeirrels. Grey squeirrels, brown squeirrels, black squeirrels.

BF: (what he wished he said) Do you also exterminate moose? (but he bit his tongue because although RE was very Russian, he was also very nice and might be hip to BF’s joke.)

Here’s the super mega mega gross part: the exterminator offered to come by once a week to pick up the dead bodies. He said he would do it for $100 per week.

Gross, I said to BF when he was explaining it to me on the phone. But why can’t he just come by when he thinks all the rats have been trapped? That’s a lot of money.

Well, because if we let the bodies sit for too long, it will attract, maggots flies, and cannibal rats.


oh my gosh, SO GROSS!

Crap, okay, that’s a good reason. We should talk to our contractor. He will know what to do, right?

Right, let’s talk to our contractor.

Ugh. So gross.


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