Taking measurements in the rain

Today the architect went to the house to actually do the whole measuring look around thing.

He and my boyfriend met at 6pm with flashlights. That’s what happens when you need to look at a house whose electricity isn’t turned on when the sky is already dark at 2pm.

I got a text that the architect ‘did his thing’ and the next step would be getting an asbestos inspection. I still have to look up what asbestos is but apparently it’s really bad if you have it. And it costs $300 to inspect. Plus $50 for every sample they take.

It will be officially 30 days after we closed this Friday, 9/7. It feels like we’ve done so much and nothing. The house is still trashed. There are still rats running around everywhere. We haven’t been able to break any ground.


We did get all our environmental board fines in order (paid the last one today!).

We do have an expediter.

And an architect.

And a proposal.

And a timeline.

Sort of.

And we do know this thing has to be done by February 8, barring any catastrophes. Please no catastrophes.

And we have at least decided to stick to some kind of order on picking stuff out – first floors, then doors, then molding, then cabinets, then everything else.

And we want to be as Eco-cutting edge as possible.

So yeah. We’ve done a lot.

Just none of the fun stuff.


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