So I kind of freaked out on my expediter today

Yep, I’m pretty nuts. No question.

So here’s what happened – I was checking my obsessively, as per usual, and I saw a check get cashed. I have probably written about 10 checks in the last two weeks so i didn’t think much of it.

Then I saw the amount and my jaw dropped. My expediter cashed her payment check and hadn’t even sent us proof that she cleared the fines??

After I had spent the last two days emailing her for a status update?

What am I supposed to think??

I left her a very pointed voicemail followed by a very pointed email with an extremely pointed subject line:

Subject (extra douchey for good measure): ECB fines – your payment was cashed but you did not clear our fines

I left you a voicemail as well – I noticed you already cashed your payment for clearing the ECB fines but I have not received an update from you or a receipt that you have cleared the fines with the city. Please call me back ASAP and give me a status update on this. I would like this taken care of today as you mentioned in a previous email that you were going to take care of it yesterday.

Then i vowed to call her every hour until I heard from her. She knows we have $9,000 on the line here!

About two minutes later I get a call from her.

She asks how I am.

How I am? How I am?

Well, I say, I saw you cashed your payment check for those fines.

And then she lets me have it.

Listen, I have been moving apartments for the last two days and I did clear your fines, I just haven’t had a chance to scan the receipt and email it to you. I told you I would get it done yesterday and I did, I’ve just been so busy I didn’t have time to send it to you. I went through my normal process of clearing the fines and then depositing the payment.

Oh. (crap.)

I actually am pretty insulted by your email – I am a professional and I cleared those fines in one day that it would normally take someone two weeks to clear. I’ve been doing this for five years and my clients trust me to get the job done. Call any of them!

She pauses and you can hear her regrouping.

Oh, well, I — I start but she goes again –

Listen, I’m sorry you’re feeling this way and that I didn’t get back to you. I told you I would get it done yesterday and I did, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to stop by the office to scan and send it to you.

I said, Well look, I would have really appreciated getting an email or phone call that this was all going on.

My phone also broke two days ago or I would have emailed you. It’s been just so busy.

She’s right. She would have emailed me if she could have and she’s had the track record to prove it.

Now it’s my turn to apologize and I stammer something out about how I’m just really emotional about the whole thing – and she interjects that she understands, it’s my property, she gets it – and I’m sorry for the accusatory email (although I don’t think the word accusatory was in my vocabulary at that moment as I was too busy staring at the tail between my legs).

I think it would be really helpful if we met up in person, she says. You know, just hearing someone’s voice over the phone, it’s hard to see what they are all about. I’m know I’m supposed to be helping you get the building permit and architect together – why don’t we meet then?

We talk scheduling and she tells me she will send the receipt today and we hang up like civilized adults.

Then I immediately write my guilty apology email:

(Less douchey) Subject: My Sincere Apologies

Again, I really want to apologize for freaking out on you. My boyfriend, Brian, and I have been through the ringer to get this property and it’s been one thing after another, so I just overreacted when I saw the check was cashed and hadn’t heard from you in a few days. My behavior was uncalled for and I appreciate your understanding and help.
What I should have done was recognize that you usually get back to me right away and trust that you are getting the work done this time as well. I think you’re right that meeting with you and putting a face to a voice will help a lot through the process, especially as we are planning to use you as an expediter for the entire job.
Look forward to meeting with you and your architect on Friday, if he is available. Brian and I can be at the property around 2 pm, but we have to be in NJ at 5:30 pm so we have a bit of a tight window. If Friday doesn’t work, I work on weekdays, so if you can meet on Sunday, 9/26 for just this first meeting, Brian will be able to meet with you and the architect going forward on weekdays. If not, I’m happy to find a time that’s convenient for you and I to meet up just to introduce ourselves to each other.

Turns out I have some trust issues with pretty much everyone involved in the process and pretty much need to check myself.

It’s just been really hard to not be totally suspicious of this whole thing and want to feel like I’m in control somehow. So much money is changing hands and so much of it is ours.

The thing I think I really have to trust is that it’s all going to come together at the end of the day. I feel like we are going into this whole thing completely blind and having to put a lot of faith in the professionals we are working with and that’s really scary for me.

Luckily, between my boyfriend and me, only one of us is this insane.

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