Staying up late, looking at other people’s light fixtures

So I think it’s settled. All modern light fixtures are pretty much ugly.

In an effort to let go of my control issues, I told my contractor I trust him to find us the architect and get the permits and all of that. We are probably going to use the same person who is helping us clear our ECB fines. So that’s almost settled I think. I going to hold myself back from emailing him on Monday and let him email me. On Tuesday, though, I’m back on.

In the meantime, we needed to keep our minds occupied with something house related. So, we stayed up late on Thursday night, obsessively looking through Basically, people just post pictures and descriptions of cool things they’ve done in their house and you can click a button to add to your “ideabook.” After a few hours, we determined the following:

1. We loved all wooden things – wood-paneled walls, wooden ceilings, wood countertops, all of it. Sadly, we determined that it would not actually work with any of our other tastes. Or Brooklyn.

2. Making things out of concrete is pretty cool. Making things out of concrete with bits of glass in it in even cooler. And eco-friendly.

3. We tried to scratch the surface of the whole eco-friendly materials thing and wow. Brain overload. If we could have our entire house be some sort of recycled, repurposed something or other and stay within our budget, that would be amazing. Like this repurposed glass tile backsplash:

Next step: researching solar panels and finding out they are too expensive for us. At least for the whole house. But, as my boyfriend’s mom pointed out, go slow. Pick out one thing to go solar with and save for the next thing. And then the next thing.

I think two months for building permits is just enough time to figure out all this kind of stuff. Right?

First things first though. Today, we are trying to set up a time to get an exterminator in the place. Then someone to clean out all the trash. I’d say that’s a good step towards making the house more eco-friendly already. At least to our noses.


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