Hurry up and Wait… Again

Monday – got a call from my boyfriend that someone was cashing a check he wasn’t supposed to until Wednesday.

Um, what the fuck? The check is even dated for Wednesday! I yell into the phone.

I know I know. And he called me to tell me he already deposited it, not that he was going to.

All my transfers didn’t transfer yet! We had a deal! I’m going to call him right now and tell at him!

No no no. Let this one go. Now we know what his deal is.

Yeah, a lying scumbag who obviously didn’t actually trust me like he said he did! Will they even cash it if it’s future dated?? (spoiler alert: they will)

Listen, worst case scenario, the check bounces and we get charged $35.

All right. You’re right. Im okay. I’m okay.

We hang up and he calls me an hour later.

Guess what came in the mail today?


The check my last job told me they weren’t even going to send out until today.

Oh em gee let’s deposit it today!! Come meet me!

We walk into wells Fargo around lunchtime and are greeted by smiles everywhere. We can’t help but beam back, this day is starting to turn around.

I email our expediter immediately after. She has about $7,800 worth of fines to clear for us in 30 days or we lose $9,000 (told you the closing was crazy!) so I want get her on it ASAP. I feel better.

Tuesday – I find out it will take two months to get a building permit because we have to get an architect involved to make sure our building will be structurally sound or whatever. I am devastated.

Wednesday – I call a different expediter to get more details. I need a second opinion today.

I google “expediter Brooklyn” and take some shots in the dark. 1st guy – no answer. Second guy – 1st phone number sends me to a customer call center but second phone number gets me through to an expediter.

He is very friendly and knowledgeable. He asks me how i found him and he is delighted when i tell him google. He goes through all his fees and it turns out they have an in house architect. Just under 7k for the whole deal – permits, architect, and close out. I was told just the architect could run $5k-$6k.

We are a one stop shop, he says. I like it better that way do I always know what’s going on.

Yep, definitely like this guy already.

We schedule an appointment to see the house on Friday and I ask for his contact info.

He gives me the number and says, It’s probably the one you called to get to me.

No, I actually called the 718 number and it’s different from what you gave me. I got through with the 631 number.

Whaattt?? Hold on hold on. Let me check my website. I spent a lot of money on this site and have been staring at it for the past six months… Well what do you know, it’s wrong!

I laugh. I’m glad I mentioned it!

Me too! You know what, just for that, I’ll give you 10% off. You probably saved me a ton of future business!

Awesome, then I’m definitely going with you.

Later today, I get a call from wells. My renovation loan specialist who is going to guide me through the whole thing is on the line.

She tells me they called the local municipalities and I need three permits for my scope of work: building, electrical, and plumbing.

Ooh, wait, so while we are waiting for the building permit to go through, can my contractor start working on electrical and plumbing??

It all depends on his work plan, but technically yes.

I email my contractor as soon as I get off the phone with the bank. Can he??

Then I email the expediter clearing the ecb fines to get a status update. Minutes later I get an email that she has cut the fines down by two thirds. Win.

I get an email from my contractor – maybe we can start the electrical and plumbing but really we need to do demolition to check those out and that hinges on the building permit, and on another note, he talked to an architect who he thought was too expensive – permits, blueprints, close out for $5k-$6k.

Wait. A. Minute. The guy I just scheduled an appointment with is costing just under $7k.

I frantically email him back. Should I cancel the appointment I made on Friday? Crap.

Can’t wait to see what happens on Thursday.


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