House-y type things to do today:

1. Check account balance to see which checks have cleared and which money has transferred.

2. Send one more check to our attorney for an expense that was actually ours (we were so busy paying all the seller’s stuff that we forgot).

3. Compulsively update the spreadsheet I created with all the outstanding checks and account balances we have floating around.

4. Set up a time to meet with our contractor this weekend to go over next steps (and possibly talk about building out the top apartment first so we can move in while the rest of the house is being finished – have I mentioned how awesome and a genius this guy is??)

5. Break the cardinal rule of retirement planning and take a (small) loan from my 401k to tide us over for the month while we cover some residual closing costs and held checks, ugh. No one takes credit cards around here! Money is going straight back in as soon as we get it back.

6. Go to my friend’s moving/goodbye party and shamelessly loot her apartment via the spreadsheet she created of all the stuff she is giving away.

7. Fantasize about the type of bathtub I want in each bathroom. Definitely ones with feet.


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