Loan is cleared for closing!

Today at 3:55 pm, I received a voicemail from the underwriter at Wells Fargo that told me my file for the mortgage loan has been cleared for closing on Wednesday!

This means we can go sign the papers and Wells Fargo will give the other bank a hunk of money for the house and then the house will be ours!

I have had butterflies in my stomach all night. These next two days are going to be a blur. A very, very small part of me is trying to brace myself for something that can go wrong in the next 48 hours (probably more a defense mechanism than anything) but the rest of is just screaming and jumping up and down with excitement in all parts of my brain.

It’s very much past my bedtime and the combination of still-on-west-coast-time and being homeowners in the next two days had me doing push ups and watching Project Runway to wear myself out.

Last week I was on vacation and half the time found myself on the phone making sure one tiny piece of paper got signed so someone could put their stamp of hell-yes-give-them-this-house on it (I wish the stamps actually said that). The seller got the alleged addendum in at 10 minutes to 5 pm on Friday afternoon.

This morning, I received a voicemail and email from the underwriter who apologized that she forgot to ask me to pull updated bank statements. She apologized again when I called her and I said, “Psssh, this was an easy one.”

She said she hoped to get the loan approved today, but if not today, then definitely tomorrow.

I listened to the voicemail twice to make sure I had heard correctly. I’ll probably listen to it again before we close. I have it on record! It’s all done and ready to go!

Now we just need to sit through two hours of signing signing signing and breathe deep because in two days, the real fun is going to begin.

Hell yes. Give us a house.


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