Final Freaky Out-y Phone Call

Got a call from my attorney this afternoon. She put me on speaker so she could talk to me and the bank attorney at the same time.

She called to tell me the loan amount i told her (that I was told by my bank) was about $7,000 shy. She just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.


She wanted to know about the water bill.

Oh, the sellers bank is taking care of most of that and we will pay the difference.

Okay, do you want to pay at closing or take the house subject to?

Subject to what?

Subject to the water bill.

Oh. Um. I guess whichever way I don’t have to pay now. … What do you recommend actually?

Well if you pay it now and take it up with the water company and they do a proper reading, you will just get credited back the difference…


What do you want to do about the pest control charges?

What pest control charges?

The ones in your title report.

Had they always been there? I don’t remember seeing them there.

Yes, there are three of them. They have always been there. I believe you have a copy of the report.

Okay… how much is it?

She gives me a number. Then tells me I can pay it now or take it subject to. As long as your bank is okay with that.

Panic. Why wouldn’t they be?? Um, okay, how will we know?

Hold on hold on i’m talking to you and the bank attorney at the same time. Uh huh. Okay. Yeah but this is… Hey are you still on the line? Good, hold on I’m just going over something with him.

So will the bank accept me taking the house subject to?

Hold on. Okay. The bank attorney is going to find out and get back to us.


All right I’m going to run the final numbers. You know you won’t be able to get the certified check until tomorrow right?

Yes, I planned for that (by opening a new fucking bank account because I fucking had to give everyone the third degree on what I would actually need to bring to the closing and how close to the day we would actually get the final numbers!).

All right, I will call or email you with the numbers. It’s too complicated to explain by phone right now.

Okay, can you email them to me? I’m going to be underground in the next half an hour.

Uhh, yeah, sure. I’ll email you.

Okay thanks, bye.

Two minutes later, I get an email forwarded to me from the sellers agent that the short sale bank did, in fact, approve the final HUD and we can “proceed with the closing.” Woohoo that i am finding out now that final approval wasn’t the case a month ago when I thought the final HUD was approved???

Honestly, thank goodness no one told me this was another condition to closing as towels would have maybe been thrown in.


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