All the small things

Today I had to open a new bank account so I could close on the house.

Here’s why:

In NYC, you need to bring certified checks (cashiers checks) to the closing table. No wires, no money orders, nothing. I, as of earlier today, only banked with Charles Schwab and ING direct, two online banks who are, for the most part, fabulous.

I knew I would need cashiers checks for the closing so I called Schwab and asked them how they would get them to me. They said they could send them overnight wherever I needed (for an extra $10 for the check and an extra $15 to overnight but who’s splitting hairs). Honestly, based on what these magical checks would be for, I didn’t even put up a fight on the cost. Schwab told me that as long as I ordered the checks by 2pm, they could send it.

I called my lender who told me that my attorney would have the final numbers.

I emailed my attorney who told me she wouldn’t get the final numbers until 24 hours before.

I called my attorney’s office and asked her assistant if 24 hours meant 24 hours or just the day before whenever that might be. She confirmed the latter by saying that she had a closing on Monday where she still didn’t have the final numbers. This was 2:30 in the afternoon on friday.

I needed a walk.

I left intending to purchase a second lunch – my first one was smaller than I remember packing – and instead ended up spending an hour at wells Fargo, opening a bank account.

They will issue cashiers checks as I stand there. Sometimes, you need a real bank for stuff.

Even better, since I’m going to have my mortgage with them, I got into the fancy bank account where checks are free, including, that’s right folks, cashiers checks.

Hoping to get a blender out of the whole thing too.

Later this afternoon, I get two voicemails from my lender. Uh oh. Turns out we need a new addendum to the contract. The contract originally had a sellers concession an we removed the concession because the sellers bank vetoed giving us any money back. In all yes-concession no-concession hubbub, we forgot that the contract said yes-concession.

And tomorrow I’m off on vacation for a week, biting my nails and hoping the hotel can print a word document or we somehow clear the whole thing up on a technicality.

So so so so close.


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