Closing on the house in two weeks!

This is it folks. The home stretch. We close two weeks from today and like every awesome thing in life, it feels so quick and so far away at the same time.

We have some ways to go to clear the loan. I called my loan officer yesterday to get the word on what was left because I’m leaving for vacation on Friday so I can’t guarantee what my printing/scanning/faxing situation is.

Today I was told that something needed to get signed that we already signed and the homeowners insurance policy they said they could take they couldn’t actually take. Great. I love hearing that I have to do things again that I already did.

Luckily, the other people involved (my contractor and p&c agent) are super fast at getting back to me. My p&c agent sent me an updated policy within a few hours and my contractor has been notorious for 24 hour turnaround throughout this whole process. Hooray for having good people on your team! (seriously though, if you for some reason need either of these two people in your life, I will pass along their info.)

It’s been weird to have it but not have it. My boyfriend and I have been saying the whole time that actually getting the short sale was the hard part and I hope of all hopes that it was and we are mostly done.

But I’m going to be nervous as shit until we get that deed.


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